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14.12.2016 | Words by: Floor van Hulsen.

It’s 08:00 on a Monday morning. As I try to concentrate on my blog I’m constantly distracted by my Facebook inbox, Whatsapp messages and emails that keep coming in. And as if that wasn’t enough, I don’t pay for my Spotify account so commercials pollute my heart-felt playlist. My desire is to tell you, as best I can, what the new exhibition in De School will be about. But I’m distracted by the pressure to perform, the expectation of others and the desire to do a good job on this blog. All right, here we go…

For this expo, De School is collaborating with LIMA. This international media platform focuses on technological developments and the problems involved in these developments. The artist that LIMA put forward is Donna Verheijden. Donna researches the profound influence commercials, pop-culture and, visual culture have on our lives. Sao Paulo, Donna’s home town, is the first metropolis in the world to ban billboards and street advertisements completely, shifting the desire machine that is our visual culture into the virtual realm. How does this affect our behavior? Will we evolve into people who stand up to marketers that know exactly how to exploit our desires. Or are we so lost in the propaganda machine that we can never truly be free again?

On January 12th, the second edition of Tijdgenoten will open its doors. The works: Land of Desire, All the World’s a Stage – Ways of Seeing, Prison and Trompe L’oeil. Trompe L’oeil #1 - The Belief in Dreams, Trompe L’oeil #2 - The Fear of Tenderness and Trompe L’oeil #3 - The Scent of Freedom will be on display on different, surprising places and will make you think twice about socially desirable behavior, the performance society and our beauty standards. Slip into the most adventurous outfit you’d like to be seen in. But don’t surrender to the desire to share this with the rest of the world. Keep that phone in your pocket and forget that list of unanswered emails, whatsapp messages and facebook requests. What do you desire?

The exhibition will be on display from January 12th through January 29th during club nights and during daytime. Feel free to walk in Tuesday to Saturday between 17:00 and 22:00 to reflect on your own desires.

General info Tijdgenoten #2 
Artist: Donna Verheijden
Installations: Land of Desire – Happy is the New Black, All the World’s a Stage – Ways of Seeing 2013, Prison, Trompe L’oeil
Opening: January 12th 2017 starting at 20:00
Dates: January 13th until January 29th 2017 - Tuesday to Friday between 17:00 and 22:00 and during regular club nights in the weekend
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Bekijk video
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