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31.12.2016 | Words by: Alise Akimova.

A healthy and delicious breakfast is more then essential in case you plan on dancing until the light of days. To start off the New Year, brunch accompanied by friends and loved ones is the way to do it just right.

Sunday 1st of January, the brunch table will be ready at 11 in the morning at Café DS, so come and get some. How it works: after you get a ticket at the bar for 15 euro you will receive a plate. A buffet with loads of savory and sweet brunch treats will be lined up from which you can choose anything you like. A festive glass of prosecco is included.

Music is provided by Cristel Sijmons (Cristell Ball) from her record collection. We will set up games as well as areas where you can just relax and recharge. Whether or not you prefer having a drink on the couch, or engage together in a game of table football: it’s all up to you.

Brunch will last until 19, but don’t wait too long: downstairs at the club our New Years Day party will already be in full swing. Happy New Year and see you on Sunday.
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