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03.11.2016 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek.

In December of last year, we were still awaiting our final license, the room that was supposed to become a restaurant looked like an old classroom filled up with trash, and it actually was. There was no stove in the restaurant, no sound in the club and no heating in the office. I was trying to do the first bookings (hey i’m luc nice to meet you can you maybe come and play next month?) wearing a wool hat, a long winter coat and a dark blue scarf. After work we drank jenever in the room that now hosts Mohamed Bourouissa’s ALL-IN video piece.

Last month we sneakily opened a new room for music to dance to. On ADE’s Sunday, Konstantin and Dustin played for nine hours in our concert venue, the sun shining through the ceiling. This was all was Konstantin’s idea: while giving him a tour a year ago, both still tired (he) and super hungover (me) of the great Nachtiville Festival, he simply said he liked the club basement, but, after arriving in the classroom upstairs: this is where I want to play.

For the fifth edition of Het Weekend, we’re gonna open Het Muzieklokaal again. The last weekend of November contains a top dose of techno energy (Aurora Halal, Courtesy, Dr. Rubinstein, DJ Nobu, super saiyans of techno spirit), the weekend after brings the swirling arpeggios of Mattheis’ live-set, the debut of Galcher Lustwerk (now make it work) and two local wonderboys playing by the names of 751 and Oceanic.

But more than anything, December sees many familiar faces returning. Further establishing the community spirit, we’ve invited the DJs who left us with great memories the first time they played here. San Soda playing barefoot disco with Elias all night on the warmest spring night. Resom playing our first ever Saturday night after Makam. Barnt playing our first Friday night after Cinnaman (and mixing Chappell in this, perhaps still my favourite moment in this space). I-F singing along in the dark during the first edition of Het Weekend. Ron Morelli bringing the noise with Robert Bergman all night last April. Steffen Bennemann closing a magical morning set during Het Weekend with Bee Mask. Palms Trax telling stories non-stop with Tom Trago in April and dancing all day last ADE. Avalon Emerson playing pumping powerful last August. Interstellar Funk (thanks for the insightful still life!) gearing it up with Lena Willikens last May. And Hunee and Antal now teaming up for the first time under our roof, after both playing multidimensional nine hour solo sets earlier this year.

And more and more and more. Finally A Love From Outer Space is coming to town. Ancient Methods will team up with Dasha Rush for a mix of club music and techno lullabies. Jasper & Maarten (read up about their Lost Archives project here) invited DVS1 for some Christmas grooves. And after seeing him on the great Strange Sounds from Beyond Festival we got the chance to bring Detlef Weinrich of Tolouse Low Trax fame to De School. For the occasion, he will also play as Toresch on Red Light Radio’s sixth birthday party the day before. Six years of pushing forward Amsterdam’s music kids, keep pushing on!

In December we’ll host an open football tournament for everyone, there will be new wintry video art in our cinema and extra concerts will be announced soon. No New Year’s Eve party this year, but we’ll be waiting with champagne early in the new year.
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