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07.10.2016 | Words by: Jasmin Hoek.

Destiny Nicolle Frasqueri, better known as Princess Nokia, first gained serious international recognition in 2012 with the catchy tune ‘Bitch I’m Posh’. It was produced it under her alias Wavy Spice and right away Wavy Spice was the next big thing in the bloggers community of Tumblr in May 2012. Her 1990s inspired sound and personal style made her gain even more popularity on fashion blogs where the 1990s fashion was already making a comeback back then, long before it hit high street stores. Still, it was the attitude of the back then 21-year-old Destiny in her 2013 release ‘Versace Hottie’ made fans fall in love with her persona. In Versace Hottie she confidently raps about her background and her sexuality; topics that are always of big importance in her tracks and performances. Soon enough other websites such as Vice picked up on Princess Nokia. It was also Vice Records that released her first full album ‘Metallic Butterfly’ in 2014. 

Now Princess Nokia is back with the new album ‘1992’, named after her year of birth. It follows the track ‘Tomboy’ which she released earlier this year. The video of ‘Tomboy’ was uploaded to her own Youtube channel shortly after, showing Destiny and her friends hanging around in the streets, skateboarding, and showing off their “fat belly” in vintage 90s sportswear to draw the image of their Tomboy-ness. ‘1992’ feels like a personal love letter to the Ghettos of New York. 

However, it is not just her own story she is telling; Destiny seems to have become even more outspoken than ever on subjects like racism, sexism, and homophobia. Her outspokenness goes beyond her music; she is speaking up as a feminist against Macho-culture in interviews and on stage, openly supporting gay right and expressing her love for the LGBTQ-community (including the various queer artists she has collaborated with), and encouraging young girls to not back down for anything. Her unapologetic lyrics combined with her empowering attitude make her music and performances so energetic. This bad bitch, as she describes herself, knows what she is doing and she is definitely not holding it down.
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