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06.10.2016 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek.

Back in March, when we’d just opened, Aurora Halal played our club and I remember for the first time thinking: this is it. I remember asking after her liveset that smoothly turned into a dj-set, shall we do this again?

At the end of November Aurora Halal will bring her new liveset to De School, after Courtesy kicked off the fourth edition of Het Weekend. Also that night I had this feeling of this-is-it, biking home after her most powerful set with Avalon Emerson.

When we got the chance to invite DJ Nobu from Japan on a Sunday, Het Weekend quite figured out itself. Sandrien is the perfect companion to Nobu, Makam is a sure shot for takeover and Jasper & Maarten know the room’s sound like no other. Dr. Rubinstein is a big De School staff favourite (countless times when I passed the cloakroom I got asked when she’s coming back) and Dorisburg’s percussion is perfect for Sunday morning.

November also marks the comeback of two well-curated nights. For the first weekend, Lucy has invited the Berlin couple Eric Goldstein and Bathseba Zippora as Oake for a liveset of heavy electronics and Yotam Avni from Tel-Aviv for opening duties. Joy Orbison brings along young gun Bruce from Hessle Audio and Rinse FM’s Josey Rebelle (check out her RA podcast!). The stakes are high after the start with Sassy J.

For JP Enfant’s night, Patrick Russell leaves his bunker to play Amsterdam for the first time and will be joined by Albert van Abbe, who delivered his techno magic on double LP earlier this year. 

On the first Friday we have Tom Trago playing on his own, followed by Vic and Mairo a week after, joined by a yet to be announced jump bugged out house DJ. November 18 we’re doing something special: think smoke, arpeggiators, green lasers. A night baptized as De Trance, establishing the Amsterdam x The Hague connection. With Torus as the green laser connoisseur, Oceanic and Woody bringing deep sea sounds, Elias and me diving into early nineties Sacha compilations and Job Jobse blissfully celebrating his birthday.

Towards the end of the month Young Marco returns with the other young wolf, who goes by many names. Opening is Tapes, an Englishman living Amsterdam who you might know from his last record with Sotofett, his work on Honest Jon’s or his lo-fi pop on Workshop. Keywords for his set from the man himself: live meditation electric tabla box drone smoke ambient polyrhythms. Cool!

Also in November: a double bill of the legend who lives around the corner; synths and vocoders of the man who’s reponsible for one of the most played tracks in our school yet. November also means the end of the series of organic handcrafted line-up still lifes. From now on, every month means a new still life out of the life of a DJ. Thanks for kicking off this month, Courtesy!
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