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13.09.2016 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek.

Almost a year ago, we were able to give a tour through De School during ADE – on a dark Thursday night, which was also the first time I got to see the basement pitch black. It was a few hours before Four Tet would play Dekmantel’s party and we were strolling through a dark building, basically still just an old school, joking about soon-to-be foam canons and extraordinary LED screens.

For Wednesday 19th October we’ve invited Four Tet for a return to De School, accompanied by Floating Points. Two DJs who need no further introduction, we’re more than happy they’re joining in to open the long-run. Something that’ll perhaps needs a little explanation though, is why exactly we’re doing this dance event and what we want to achieve.

In general, we really enjoy our Friday and Saturday nights: nice DJs, positive people dancing in the dark, most of the time that’s all we really want. The question of wanting more, the idea of growth and getting bigger, is most of the time not that interesting. So why do a large dance event? We’re a club, not a festival.

One of the first things that springs to mind, is the collective spirit. I remember goosebumps when walking out of university class, seeing the yellow flags as Jeff Mills passed by humming. In times of tragic ends to clubs around Europe, it’s good to join forces, show up, join in and establish oneself. The idea of a city in a groove is magnetic.

Looking at ourselves, ADE offers a good chance to highlight what we believe is important and reflect critically on what we do. For this moment of reflection, we're hosting a small conference on Friday together with our night-mayor – focusing on collaboration with local authorities, mental and physical health; and diversity and sexuality in club culture. This short school day will be an open conference, free of charge and accessible to everyone.

In our basement we’ll shine the light on our local residents who’ve been setting the stage since day one. On Thursday Optimo will play alongside Vic Crezée, Cinnaman and Mairo Nawaz. All DJs who don’t see distance between Liquid Liquid, Roy Ayers, The Human League and Sean Paul. Our Friday is a night in praise of Rush Hour, our favourite positive force in Amsterdam club culture, persuading kids to form themselves and dig deeper and deeper in their favourite music. Head honcho Antal brings Hunee, next to long time Rush Hour employees Young Marco, Interstellar Funk and Robert Bergman.

From Saturday to Monday night we’ll host the third edition of Het Weekend, formed by family members Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff, Tom Trago, Makam, Dekmantel Soundsystem, Elias Mazian, Job Jobse, Carlos Valdes, Sandrien and JP Enfant. Joining in are the notorious smokers Jennifer Cardini and Lena Willikens, Mojuba captain Don Williams and two men we share a long warm history with, Âme and Dixon. And like the first edition of Het Weekend, the garden will be open for ambient music, hosted by Izabel.

In our concert venue we’re doing a special show with Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ, bringing together the two best acts we’ve seen this past year. On Friday evening Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith will perform alongside local BEA1991, two new stars who share a great cosmic pop spirit. Records before and after by Oceanic.

And between the ongoing yoga and boxing classes, we’ll host a one day football tournament together with Resident Advisor in Het Gymlokaal for the charity Help Refugees. Thursday afternoon record dealers, festival hosts and DJs will fight for the Copa del RA cup. The matches can be watched live from the bench or streamed behind your desk. May the best team win.
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