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29.09.2016 | Words by: Floor van Hulsen.

De School continuously furthers developing its artistic programming. In the months to come, a diverse range of exhibitions will be organised in collaboration with museums and other organisations. So now you can take a break and enjoy some of the finest art during a night of clubbing - isn’t that a refreshing alternative to an oasis of white cubes?

Every exhibition will be opened with the event Tijdgenoten (Contemporaries). These events will offer you a cross-over of music, art and performances. The glasses of prosecco and hours of opening speeches will be cast aside in order to take you on the journey the invited artist has set out for you. In the meantime, we hope you’ll set out on your very own discovery. Just sit back and let the night take control. 

The first collaboration will be with the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. A lot of you might know the big white bathtub on the Museumplein. The Stedelijk Museum keeps continuously creating dynamic solo-exhibitions of a promising generation of artists. At the moment, artist Mohamed Bourouissa is at the centre of attention. Mohamed is known for his direct and powerful colour photos of youngsters and the day-to-day life in the suburbs of Paris. Additionally, Mohamed explores systems, the way in which society operates and how social processes are put into practice. However, he focusses most on individuals and the place they occupy in society. How do you feel about this bureaucratic mess we call society? Is it possible to be an autonomous individual or do we need our community to define ourselves? On the 13th of October, Stedelijk Museum presents three video installations and one photo exhibition by Mohamed Bourouissa at De School - we hope to see you there.

Oh yeah, and be prepared to come across extra information about Mohamed Bourouissa and this exhibition on this blog. Would you like to ask Mohamed something? Sure! Just email your questions to with the subject "Questions for Mohamed Bourouissa". We’d love to start a dialogue with you during our ADE clubnights. We think your opinion will add an interesting layer to his work.

Artist: Mohamed Bourouissa
Pieces: La valeur du produit, ALL-IN, Légende
Opening event: October 13th at 20:00
Exhibition: 14th of October until November 27th
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Bekijk video
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