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23.08.2016 | Starting this week, we'll be displaying a new photo exhibition in collaboration with Fotolab Kiekie. In the hallway behind Restaurant DS, you can now feast your eyes on the photo series From Buddha to Yogi by Simone Engelen.

From Buddha to Yogi is about a man Simone met during a Bikram yoga class. With his weight of 150 kilograms, he definitely stood out in the room. Simone thought it was brave of him to work out in this sauna-like environment on a weekly basis with nothing more covering his body than a pair of swimming trunks. After a class, they had a conversation and he told Simone that he was planning to transform from Buddha to Yogi. Loving the idea Simone asked him if she could do a project about his transformation. As a contribution to his process, she entered the 100 day Bikram Yoga Challenge with him and shot the images in this series.  Buddha really did become Yogi, loosing 50 kilograms in the process.

Simone Engelen (1988) graduated in 2016 at the AKV St.Joost with a MA in Photography. 
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