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17.08.2016 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek.

At the moment that I'm typing this, I don’t know whether the summer has officially ended or still has to start, but I know this little thing we called De Zomernacht is almost over. The summer has again been very Dutch, and although it hasn’t been too sunny, the sun miraculously was always there early in the morning after a night of dancing – hence all the sunny afterglow pictures on the stairs in front of the club. 

When we announced an empty summer, we didn’t know what would happen. If people would join in last minute to play some records, if dancers would spend their summer nights in a dark basement. Instead of taking a summer break we wanted to do something special, but like every plan it wasn’t yet perfect, and probably none of the plans will be. Announcing DJs last minute proved to be fun, but there’s two sides to every story. It’s nice to surprise people, but it’s also cool to know what’s up. An offhand bike ride to the club is fun, but looking forward to a little dance too.

Looking back, there have been many joyous moments: Somewhen closing the night with Mos Def, Phuong-Dan charmingly slowing down the club, Konstantin’s way-out opening set, Trouw boss and De School’s spiritual guide Olaf Boswijk playing along his former neighbor Hunee, Carlos Valdes and Job Jobse sweating out a packed dancefloor on Monday morning, Avalon Emerson’s set of excellent endless energy, Elias Mazian playing Dutch hiphop on his birthday - a slideshow of flashbacks. Dancers dancing alongside Emily Hana’s artwork, long conversations in the garden, obscure drinks, new rooms, positive people; we’re happy we stayed here all summer. 

But a new season is almost upon us and a new line-up is here. A few highlights to point out – Virginia takes her new liveshow to Amsterdam for the first time, banging out her last LP ‘Fierce for the Night’ with band members Steffi and Dexter in classic electro formation. The inimitable Red Axes making their live debut in the club. Hunee returning for an all night session. Lucy starting his series of curated nights, inviting Chevel to open the night with a long live ambient performance and Kangding Ray for a dj-set. Another step in the De School x Giegling connection with Edward, Lux and Ateq. Kobosil taking you away on Sunday morning, and Objekt shining light on his brilliant latest mix cd with the two tracklist fellows Call Super and Shanti Celeste.

September also marks another new start: after a summer break Subbacultcha is back with a string of promising concerts in our venue, new art is on the way, our chef composed a brand new menu for the restaurant, the cafe is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and spicy ramen for dinner, while the gym is open for yoga, parkour and boxing classes. Heal yourself and move.
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