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02.06.2016 | This summer we’re going to handle things differently. Not everything will change, the core will still be sound, smoke and stories, but we’ll add spontaneity. Instead of presenting a fixed summer program weeks ahead, announcements will be made last-minute.

From the start we’ve tried to be an open space - we want De School to be open for people to do yoga exercise or have breakfast in the morning, hang out during the day and experience a great concert in the evening. We also want the club to be open, open for all kinds of people to come in early and enjoy the space to dance, and open for people to drop in late at night. With De Zomernacht we’ll also be open for DJs to step in at night.

From the first weekend of July till the last weekend of August we’ll host De Zomernacht. We’ll be open every Friday and Saturday night till late, with good sound and our favourite DJs. For every night we’ll keep the majority of the tickets at the door – like always actually. So if you feel like dancing, you can grab your bike and get your ticket at the door. Saturday night after a festival, we’re open. Not only do we stay open every Friday and Saturday night, but on the last weekend of July and the first weekend of August we’ll be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 23.00. The last weekend of July we’ll celebrate Amsterdam Pride with three parties in a row; the first weekend of August we’ll organize three very special nights with friends who happen to be in town.

In the end it’s nice to know who’s playing your night, we don’t want to spoil the fun. Eventually most announcements will be made, be it a weeks before, or an hour before her or his set. We have a few of our favourite DJs coming back already, some residents teaming up, and a lot of friends joining in. And on Sunday August 14 we’ll open the club especially to welcome a friend again for a long midsummer night set. For the rest, we’d also still have to find out.

We won’t take a summer break this year, we’ll be on the dancefloor or in the garden instead. In Amsterdam summer there are many dancers and many DJs, and we got many ideas. More and more our space is taking shape, and we’re working hard to get it ready for summer. We’ll open a beautiful terrace soon, we’re building a bar in our garden for special and obscure drinks, Children of the Light are working on a new light installation, we’ll screen movies at night and we’re improving the sound in the club. We’re not standing still.

Presale for the month July starts tomorrow at 12:00 through Ticketscript and Resident Advisor, presale for the month August starts on June 9th 12:00.
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