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23.05.2016 | Words by: Rebecca Donnison.

We all know the old expression of work hard, play hard. Although it sounds cliché, for most it is very true. But is it bad to live with such an attitude? Since wanting to get most out of life as possible can take its toll (read: growing burn-out rate amongst twenty-somethings). If you fully engage in work, could it therefore make sense that one should also be able to fully engage in play too? Probably when I say play, most will primarily think of party. And yes I agree, but to the play-equation we should definitely add sports activities. Because if you want to be on top of things, letting go only by night wont do it - you should also need to be physically on top of things, right?!
We want to be in control of our own lives, making our own decisions about the path we choose. While we do so we must take care of ourselves, since health and wellness are essential components for a lively future. 

There is a widespread growing interest in simply wanting to make healthier choices in the long run. Preferring to eat food that is natural, minimally processed and free of GMOs. Aside from whole foods, vegetables are featuring as star ingredients, as you see plant-based diets growing in popularity (on Instagram). I mean, it sounds like something they used to say in the schoolyard: but “you are what you eat”, clearly suggests your body needs healthy basic nutrition in order to function optimally. Yet, it can be confusing what to believe, with so many food trends and fads. Is it only good unless it’s green or considered a superfood? Of course, not all trends are nonsense - take protein, which has scientifically proven to play a large role in an overall healthy lifestyle. As proteins are specifically essential for muscle repair and growth, but also take care of your hair, skin, nails and other tissues.

Say you're dancing all night or just finished an intense workout. In both cases you work your muscles, which will create small tears in the fiber. In your body, protein breaks down into amino acids - the buildings blocks of muscle fibers. A high intake of proteins provides a faster healing of the muscles, which will leave you with less muscle soreness. Even though your body produces most amino acids itself, some can only be obtained from food. Protein comes from animal sources or can be plant-based. In general, eating a variety of foods will ensure you don’t go short, however protein shakes can be very useful after a workout. A shake is a very convenient way to get your fill of protein, as foods take a while for your body to digest and for nutrients reach your muscles.

Whilst living our active lives, it most of the time entails you are always on the go. Following consumer demand, more and more restaurants have healthier options and you can get your vitamin- or protein-fix practically anywhere. Just go with what works for you! If for instance, during the day or evening you've had a good workout at ‘Het Gymlokaal’, you can go get your protein shake at DS café. With quite the variety to choose from: go fruity with Yogurt & Berries, go Elvis with Banana & Peanut butter or just have it straight up with water or milk. But, if you’re looking to hangout, enjoy a simple healthy breakfast, lunch or meal in the evening at the café - that’s fine too. Don’t worry, there is plenty of room for other kinds of play. It’s all about balance.
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