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04.05.2016 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek.

Sometimes, deep down in the Soundcloud jungle, you find a mix that blows you away. A hidden selection, barely listened to. But also, sometimes you stumble upon a BBC Essential Mix that takes you away. Dixon and Âme’s contribution to the mix series was everywhere last month, couldn’t be missed, and maybe shouldn’t be missed too. This mix ranging from Dorisburg to DJ Koze to the latest Larry Heard, counted for many many office plays in the last weeks. And at every listen we were happier that Dixon will be visiting De School for an all night appearance. Memories went back to the night Trouw turned pitch black on Dixon’s demand, dark curtains in the club, no lights, Fever Ray records. A pro in dealing with the dark. Which can obviously also be said of the DJs playing the following day, no better place for Ryan Elliott and De School regular Makam than a pitch-black club. 

The weekend before finds the first edition of Het Weekend, where we open from Saturday night to Monday morning for a basement full of music, sun and ambient in the garden, and surprises to come. On Saturday I-F comes over from the Hague to mix up tunes for three hours, whilst on Sunday evening we have Konstantin and Rafael from Giegling playing live as Kettenkarussell, also three hours. From the Nachtdigital crew (having just released the great program for their upcoming festival) Steffen Bennemann, Manamana, Polo and Perm play our club space. No community has provided us better lessons in dance community spirit. After visiting their festival for six years, I can safely say there’s no one quite like them. The Leipzig club IfZ, which opened exactly two years ago last weekend, is another indicator of the heartfelt work ethic defining their scene. Opening Het Weekend is the French Rroxymore, closing is American DJ Richard (for more info, listen to his beautiful album on Dial), and Sunday morning duties are left to Prosumer, who resides these days in the highlands of Scotland.

Our June program opens with a special performance by Dean Blunt, as Babyfather, accompanied by DJ Escrow, in our basement. Invited by Interstellar Funk, who’ll play his wildest wave records before and after. The following Friday will be a very special night, connecting the dots of Amsterdam nightlife culture. Here we go: Vic Crezée doesn’t only bring his protégé Mairo Nawaz – as always – but also two spiritual teachers in the form of Mr. Wix and KC the Funkaholic. The facts: KC the Funkaholic started Bassline, Amsterdam’s first hip-hop party, at Roxy, in the nineties. Mr. Wix was one of the first residents mid-nineties, while Mairo is a Bassline resident in Paradiso now, the same club where Mr. Wix was a booker for eleven years. Not only did KC the Funkaholic start Bassline, but also founded Kindred Spirits (responsible for beautiful Sun Ra, Sumy, Super Mama Djombo and Arthur Verocai reissues) and stands as a Dutch house music pioneer (proof can be found here, Dutch only). There you go: four generations and thirty years of dance culture within one Friday night. Join in.

On Saturday June 4th we invite two representatives of the London-based Whities label, head honcho Tasker (listen to his 88 Transition shows on NTS) and Avalon Emerson, who wrote – or is it too early yet? – our record of the year. After asking Avalon who she wanted to bring in, we got a mail saying Courtesy, who was also on the top of our list. Don’t forget to listen to her latest NTS show, which opens with, right, the record of the year – and check out her Apeiron Crew. The next Friday our Cinnaman brings in one of his long-time favourites and frequent Colors visitor Pearson Sound back for an extended set, which has been a while coming.

Right before diving into summer, we have a triple double bill for the last weekend. On Friday Young Marco brings in Mark du Mosch (check out the classic Bareknuckle) and Salon des Amateurs resident Vladimir Ivkovic. Next day we dig deeper into the Giegling connection with DJ Dustin, invited by Elias Mazian. On opening duties the unsung Dutch techno heroine Shinedoe, whose great DJ persona and forever classics can never be missed. In the last day of June, right after the wonderful Strange Sounds From Beyond festival, we invite Palmbomen II for a long summer set, and Oceanic for his looks, edits, mixes and drums. From July we’re gonna do everything a little different for summer time, but only with more force and fun. But more news on that to come.
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