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07.04.2016 | Words by: Ruben Leter

The last Dutch hiphop record that I really paid a lot of attention to, is probably Het Grote Gedoe by Faberyayo and Vic Crezée. Inbetween its lines and beats, you could find many references to clubnights and afterparties, something that was very new to me back then. There was a very significant cross-over between club culture and hiphop in that mixtape. Now, six years later, these cultures have mingled even more. Mairo (21) and Vic’s (29) night at De School is both the result of this and an influence for later affairs.

How did you two meet? 
V: We met in front of Paradiso, after Bassline. We were outside being drunk and messing around. Mairo and I both didn’t have a place to go to. I just broke up with my girlfriend and was staying at my parents. We were joking of either going to my folks together or to the salvation army.
M: A great way to break the ice.

M: I just started DJ’ing three years ago. My friend Bonne hosted the Thursdays at Bar Ludwig under the name Thunderdag. It wasn’t really a party but a great way to get DJ hours. Later I went to Berlin with Patta Soundsystem and Vic was there too.
V: That was your first real booking. And everyone in the audience was jumping.
M: When I got to play, I opened with My Song by Labi Siffre.

V: Normally, when you’re a new DJ and the audience is going wild, you stick to the vibe. This guy stopped it, played a soul track and went on from there. I thought to myself: "Wait, he get’s it." Or at least, he has the balls to take risks and I’m a sucker for people who do that. We’ve been friends since then and I’m..
M: ..he’s guiding me. Showing me what I can and can’t do. 

How do you find things at De School?
V: It’s amazing. Last time I played stuff from LCD Soundsystem to Kempi to Gil Scott Heron to Mr Fingers. Kanye, DJ Extra. Everything! I’m really looking forward to our next night. Last time we had Manaré over, a DJ from Paris who plays a lot of disco. This time we have Martelo, a friend of ours from London who’s more of a hiphop, grime and bass DJ. That is exactly what we try to do with our night: play an eclectic sound that can go anywhere, but always has an idea behind it. This club gives us the freedom to do so. 

M: With this night, we like to see how it goes and anticipate from there. That’s my favourite way of DJ’ing; when you have all the time in the world and don’t have to stick to the schedule. Planning everything only causes stress. Things that aren’t supposed to happen, often do happen, which is great. Those nights when there are just three people behind the decks and no plan whatsoever, can basically go anywhere. V: That’s why we’re so glad they asked us to do this. So hip hop kids can get to know this form of partying.

Mairo, were you familiar with house culture?
M: No, I’ve been to Trouw only once and didn’t stay for long. I believe it was the Colors Appelsap afterparty.
V: Oh, I played there!
M: We went there after the official afterparty at Bassline, and I was the only one of my friends getting in, so I stood there, slightly sober. Back then I didn’t DJ yet and only knew the people playing from saying yo every time we ran into each other. When you don’t know them too well, you get the feeling you should just keep walking. I don’t know, I felt kind of lonely, lonely in a club. And not drunk. I don’t like that. At De School, I’ve been lonely once when Yuri (Cinnaman) had to play. To be honest, I find going out with friends much nicer, when you’re all on your own it’s kind of scary. 

I heard that you didn’t miss a thing here during the Easter weekend.
V: Haha, yes! He was here for all three days. 
M: Look, I’m still young, I can handle it. And for Vic, no offence, but after a few years it’s not that easy anymore. When I show up here, I represent the both of us, because he should be here too. Now he sees what I get to see. Plus they were great nights.

V: In January, when De School opened, I had a completely sober month. I went here every week and I must say, that even in my sober state I had a great time. I don’t know if Mairo could pull that off, did he tell you about the time he didn’t get in?
Please do.
M: I had a booking in Gouda before, so I arrived here around 5:30, on my own. I didn’t know anyone at the door, and they didn’t want to let me in. So I grabbed my scooter and went home.

What kind of scooter do you have?
M: It wasn’t my scooter. I build my own ones. I’m starting to build a new one now, because I sold the other for a grill. I was making a grill in New York and needed the money. So my scooter kind of went in my mouth. But that’s not the one I’m wearing now, this one is new.
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