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27.03.2016 | Words by: Alex Rigby. 

Three tracks that sum up the seasoned San Franciscan selector.

Gesloten Cirkel - Stakan 

It sounds like it could come from 30 years in the past, or 30 years in the future, which is testament to Solar’s inability to fit any current sonic template. With haunting soviet-era vocals from Viktor Tsoi of post-punk band Kino fame, the track reflects the DJ’s unexpected knack for dipping into new-wave gloom and throwing any dancefloor into a noisy, mechanical frenzy. 

Dude Energy - Renee Running 

A staple in his recent sets. This assured Australian house number has a kind of graceful, balanced feel that matches the west coast veteran’s consistency and poise behind the decks. Solar’s house and techno selections seem commanding and tightly woven. The ticklish, sci-fi melody from Dude Energy is completely at home amongst always informed and solid choices.  

Echo 106 - From Brunnen To The Nile

Known for crafting periods of cosmic atmosphere, From Brunnen To The Nile typifies the Solar trait for soothing, lose-track-of-time acid tracks. He knows all too well how to construct a narrative that will lure a listener into a spacey place, and excellent picks like this make it completely understandable as to just why he has been so essential to the San Francisco rave scene. 

Solar plays all night long at De School this Sunday. 
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