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22.03.2016 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek

A few weeks ago, when a music journalist asked me my ‘dream line-up’, I realized I never dream of line-ups. I do have this returning dream in which JP Enfant and I end up in a cave somewhere in Romania, with a wild minimal rave going on. But that would be it considering rave dreams lately.

That being said, having Optimo over for a long Sunday night is dreamlike. For twelve years they did their own Sunday night party in Glasgow, its history captured perfectly by RA’s Kit Macdonald, and now when I think of Optimo I think of Sundays. Reading RA’s piece once again made me think that their parties were indeed everything: spontaneous, stubborn and fun. After their final party, Wilkes and Twitch organized a poll asking the fans for their favorite tracks, eventually resulting in a Top 250 Optimo tracks. This list really says it all: ESG, Ricardo Villalobos, Nina Simone, Sean Paul, I-F, Sun Ra, Liquid Liquid (whose groovy minimal indie house punk funk percussion track Optimo was particularly important) and Sylvester. A list that doesn’t show off an eclectic taste, but rather displays that all the dots are connected and actually not so much different from one another. 

While putting together the May program – emailing agents, calling DJs, listening to good advice – there were more moments that made me particularly happy. The fact that Hunee is coming for instance, to play all night with Young Marco. When I was finalizing my thesis (which is still an ongoing process…) last summer, Hunee’s four two-hours radio shows proved to be the perfect soundtrack. This Is Me by Chris & Cosey, beautiful live jazz by David Ganesh, The Facts by Saada Bonaire – they were either already my favorite songs, or they were soon to become one. If I ever finish, I feel a special word of thanks for these radio shows would be appropriate. Together with Marco’s forever young smoking zen DJ persona, this night is going to be soothing.

Another great team can be found two weeks earlier: Lena Willikens and Interstellar Funk. Lena Willikens’ debut 12 inch sounds like the perfect music for Interstellar Funk sets, while Interstellar Funk’s forthcoming EP on Rush Hour is made for Lena Willikens. The right mix for an eight, nine hour night. Whenever I hear Willikens play, I think of the moment I heard her first, opening Nachtdigital 2013. On the other stage Helena Hauff was playing the opening slot – both artists I didn’t know yet. How many times does it happen that you get blown away by two opening sets by DJs you didn’t know? Only at Nachtdigital.

Next day finds San Soda playing next to Elias Mazian. After Elias went to Panorama Bar on Sunday to dance to San Soda and sending tons of text messages how great it was, this match had to happen. Anyway, no matter how many times we ask Elias to play De School, it will never exceed his hours on the dancefloor. On the next Saturday JP Enfant, another dancefloor regular, invites Luke Hess. The Detroit techno DJ that was on everybody’s wishlist. Who has as much of an ear for anthematic last records (Dettmann summer 2012, anyone?) as for elegant dub techno

On Saturday May 21 Palms Trax is joining Tom Trago for a bright overview of kindhearted house music. Almost every night on the dancefloor I got the question when Palms Trax is finally coming to play. Hope to see you all, folks. And, for some perfectly poached organic house music, don’t forget to check out Palms Trax’s monthy Berlin Community radio show. On opening duties for the night, our Carlos Valdes

Biking to De School in the morning I traditionally listen to the RA.Exchange podcast, a weekly series of one hour long conversations. The last one with Pauline Oliveros is really good, just as the interviews with Trevor Jackson and Honey Soundsystem. All full of good ideas. Listening to Martyn’s interview I realized again how much I used to like his music, and how much I still do. The fact that he’s such an eloquent guy only adds to his music, as I also found out when I did a Skype interview with him five years ago. I remember summertime, too many nerves, very slow internet, but a good conversation about drum-‘n’-bass in Eindhoven, Burial, Tokyo and Bowie. Happy to finally meet him on May 27, and happy to have Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff playing a long opening set again. The next day, after a day full of excellent music at Lente Kabinet Festival, Wata Igarashi joins us during his trip from Japan. Tipped by Sandrien and Peter Van Hoesen (listen to Night on Van Hoesen’s 'Stealth' compilation), this has to be be very special. Closing the night is Makam, who knows the club space like no other.

Invited for the warm bath that is a Job Jobse night is The Black Madonna, who came by for a tour of the building two weeks before our opening night. On Friday afternoon we found ourselves sitting on beer crates, joining our team of construction workers for a few beers. I remember her asking what they were working on at the moment, and the guy answering - we’re building a club. When he asked her what she came for, she answered: I might play some records in this club you’re building, later this year. That’s cool.
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