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17.03.2016 | 17.03.2016 | Words by: Alex Rigby. 

As he possesses one of the broadest visions of any DJ on the planet, finding 5 tracks to typify the standard sonic experience of a Ben UFO set is tricky.
Ben is a true purveyor of the unfamiliar and experimental. His selections are often so elusive that it’s impossible to work out what genre you’ve been listening to. That’s his appeal. He admirably uncovers fragments from both past and present in uncharted and overlooked areas of dance music. Then he weaves them together in ways that don’t really want to be defined.
Yes, house and techno tracks are used to navigate, but dubstep, grime, funky, African, bass, garage and a whole bunch of other stuff play an equally important role in how he finds a way to make people dance.
From the countless worlds of music that Ben UFO visits, here are a few tunes that make an attempt to give a taste of his mysterious and ever-changing montage.
ERROL SIMMS - It's Nota (1998)
Apparently Ben recently played this UK speed garage classic to a packed Berghain techno floor 7am on a Sunday morning. If that doesn’t give you a prime example of leftfield intent, I don’t know what will. Ben UFO definitely does not pander to expectations. Wob-wob-wob...
Pearson Sound - Thaw Cycle (2015)
A 2015 standout release from Ben’s Hessle Audio comrade Pearson Sound. It’s super stripped down, cold techno that’s utterly danceable and has worked its way into many of his sets.

Amadou & Mariam - Ce N'est Pas Bon [Jd Twitch Edit] (2015)
A lovely afrobeat edit from JD Twitch on Autonomous Africa – a label run by Ben’s contemporaries Auntie Flo, Midland, & JD, and a project in which all proceeds go to a charity mission in Tanzania. Ben will dig up good music from literally anywhere.
Loefah - Woman (2004)
 It’d be wrong not to include a wobbler like this. Woman is a pivotal UK dubstep track from the Swamp 81 boss Loefah. With super slow, earthquake basslines, it’s here because Ben will often make you get all nostalgic for those dubstep glory days. You do miss them, right?

KMA Productions - Cape Fear (1996)
There seems no better anthem to sum up his deep-rooted passion for the true sound of the UK underground. As the majority of British smoking areas at 4am will tell you: ‘it’s a banger.’ I don’t know how that translates in Dutch.

Ben UFO plays alongside Job Jobse this Friday at De School.
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