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19.02.2016 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek

Mostly, making a lineup consists of sending a lot of emails, which is not the most interesting part. What makes it interesting is that a club program consists of people – people with different backgrounds, inviting guests that they’ve known for years, or DJs they’ve only seen once and never forgot about. Ideally it’s not so much checking for availability act X, but hey we’d love to invite this person for a night.

Weeks before De School opened its doors, when volunteers were in the basement painting black the wooden walls, I walked through the club wondering whether the space could work for electronic live acts. We’ve had this idea of De School as a space where there is not so much to see – the DJ standing on the floor almost disappearing in the crowd, the people dancing and exploring every nook and cranny of the club. The music as this continuous wave in the service of movement, interaction, fun. There’s light, there’s sound, there’s stories, music’s just a part – James Murphy’s line as a motto.

But, there’s live acts, and there’s Karenn. And, almost on the other side of the spectrum, there’s Koreless. Both great acts, deeply rooted in rave music, and very live. On Saturday April 16 Karenn wil perform a two-hour analog techno set, after which Makam will close the night. The great DJ Skirt (who found her DJ name in Amsterdam) takes care of the opening hours, on Karenn's request.

Koreless plays the first Friday of April, filling up the room with melodies for an hour. Arif, who will do his first collaborative release this spring, plays the first three hours. The two met at World Minimal Music Festival at Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, where Arif closed the Saturday night with a very long Joseph Bueys record, the track ID Koreless asked for days later. Hours before the last record Koreless had performed his great Terry Riley tribute with pulsating string players and lightbulbs, on special invitation by James Holden. Closing after Koreless is Cleveland, making his Dutch debut. Cleveland just released an EP on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs label, and a great 12 inch on White, Oskar Offerman’s label where our Oceanic was an intern when he was even younger than he is now.

Talking of memories, I remember Robert Bergman dancing to Ron Morelli playing a Robert Bergman record at Studio 80. On Saturday April 2 they have eight, nine, ten hours to share, playing music for shut-ins and not letting anyone tell them what to do. Friday April 8 sees Vic Crezée accompanied by Martelo from London, and Amsterdam youngster Mairo Nawaz. The next day sees techno artist Rrose invited by JP Enfant. When I got this job I forced myself to do more techno research, and found myself lost in this Dekmantel podcast by Rrose, which is very very great. Pay close attention to minute thirty-four: drumcomputer Sickness by Plastikman.

At the end of January I got a text from Young Marco saying Chida from Japan is in Europe half April. So Chida, who has been a pioneer of the Tokyo underground house scene since the early 90s, joins Marco on his night. After being in touch for a long time, Chida and Marco met once in Tokyo – time for a reunion in Amsterdam. Also joining in is Mark Seven, associate record collector from Stockholm. Shazam won’t help you this night. On Sunday Rebolledo, aka half of the Pachanga Boys, aka Cómeme star, aka Hippie Dance co-founder will play an extra long set, giving a preview of his forthcoming album ‘Mondo Alterado’. Opening is longtime Rebolledo fan Oceanic, mixing his own tracks with tunes from Düsseldorf and The Hague.

On Friday April 22, Job Jobse will host his third night, joined by fellow Patrick Cowley fan Midland. They both love Perlon percussion tracks as much as Hi-NRG disco, and after playing together in Chicago almost a year ago, it’s about time to do a try-out in Amsterdam. Job also recalls their mutual love for romantic comedies: I won’t forget this day in our US agent's hotelroom where we ordered as much room service as we could and watched a bunch of romantic comedies (we saw that one where Robert DeNiro becomes Anne Hathaway's intern twice, sooo good). The next day Antal will make his debut, playing his first all nighter and presenting the Rush Hour x De School connection.

The last week of April hosts four club nights. On Kingsnight Tom Trago invited Apron boss Funkineven from London, and on Kingsday Dekmantel Soundsystem returns for the second all nighter, starting at eight in the evening. And everyone knows Dekmantel parties never really end. Friday April 29 sees the third night of Cinnaman, joined by Leon Vynehall. On the last day of April Joy Orbison does his first night of a series, inviting the great Sassy J. It won’t be Joy’s first time at De School though – during ADE we took a short trip to the building, after Joy dropping his fantastic tape mix at Rush Hour. The building was still empty and dark that night, and though there was nothing to see yet, there was a spark.
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