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A view on sustainability & climate change

Changing peoples approach towards plastic consumption
with Francesca Miazzo (Wasted)

WASTED is platform to reward citizens when living a plastic concious lifestyle by refusing to use and purchase virgin plastic.

Francesca Miazzo is the managing director and co-founder of CITIES Foundation. Francesca is Italian, but based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where she graduated with a in Research Masters in Metropolitan Studies in 2008. Since then, she has been active in local interventions addressing global urban development problems and developing local solutions. Her practical experience made her a pioneer in systemic change, especially with regard to scaling up niche initiatives into circular social enterprises. Examples of her works are:
- The global platform Farming the City, which spinoff is the revolutionary start up and the sustainable transport business for local food FOODLOGICA.
- The research and local intervention as a community initiative for local plastic separation reward scheme, developing into a lifestyle App to refuse plastic consumption(WASTED).

Francesca has also curated the following publications all published by Trancity*Valiz: "We Own The The City" (2014) and "Farming the City" (2013) and "The WASTED City" (2017), for which she organized the production and set up the international research design, besides writing and sharing the conclusions.

An hour before Het Klaslokaal starts, there will be a guided tour through our current exhibition Semantic Noise. You're welcome to join.

Doors open: 20.15

Talk starts: 20.30 

Tickets €7,50 or €15 including De Weekhap at Cafe DS
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