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Patty Morgan x Tijdgenoten
08.08.2019 – 01.09.2019

Tijdgenoten returns for the 7th edition. This time we teamed up with Patty Morgan to pay tribute to their infinite pool of talent, hardship and fun. 

So what is Klas 1B 2019? Patty is celebrating her 5th anniversary, and composed her own school class. Why back to school? Because after 5 years we’re still learning. Patty asked a group of artists to show their work, spin records and party. Within every class, there is the nerd, the bully and the jock, the reader and the dreamer.

Meet Klas 1B:
Anne Forest - and her totemic friends
Arash Fakhim - the purebred artist
Bart Nijstad - a.k.a. ‘Belinda’ Bart Eysink Smeets - always looking out of the window
Bo Bannink - making still lifes move
Bonno van Doorn - the party Taoist
Britt Dorenbosch - life is better in colour
Chris Kore - not young enough to know everything
Fatima Ferrari - the dj
Gangof4 - occupying the rear bus seat
Henny Overbeek - mapping the cosmos in ballpoint
Katerina Konarovska - the lovely activist
Koes Staassen - drawing penisses virtuoso
Liza Strakhova - getting your feet wet
Marijn Ottenhof - hiding what’s lost between fact and fiction
Martin Gabriel - building worlds behind the net
Meeus van Dis - the lampeneer
Mike Moonen - building towers using hair gel
Paul Segers - ruler of hyper-technological society
Puck Schot - shooting videos
Robin van der Schoot - having fun at the fair
Simone Schuffelen - the drag queen
Sjoerd Martens - staring at the ground, seeing more than the eye can see
Steven de Peven - pointing his aanwijsstok at the teacher
Thijs Zweers - pretty boy with a dark side / Donnie Darko
Willehad Eilers - awkwardly silent in the bathroom

Online gallery Patty Morgan brings contemporary art that challenges present day beliefs, constructs and conventions. Our professional curators in the field are out to find artists that fit this profile. Patty Morgan represents over 800 young, promising artists who sell their work for an affordable price. In 5 years, she has grown into a leading platform, sales channel and artist agency.

Opening party:
Music by: Fatima Ferrari, DJ Campingstoel, Marijn Ottenhof
Performances by: Marijn Ottenhof, Bruni Getsing & MC Lady Louise, Steven de Peven

Free Entry
Doors open: 20:00
Please enter through our club entrance.
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