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A show curated by Lijuan Klaßen and Lion Sauterleute in collaboration with friends reflecting on the meaning of the concept of Utopia from a topological perspective.

Please join us for a drink and some human interconnection in the garden of De School for the opening of 'Present Progressive'. Come and see the garden illuminated by ‘Multiverse’, an installation by Nikki Hock, as well as new work by Lion Sauterleute in the cinema, connected to the garden through a video work by Alexander Pannier. 

Throughout the night Arie de Fijter & Ksenia Perek will activate the space with an performative intervention.

In contemporary discourse striving for Utopia is often synonymous with wishful thinking, a doomed desire. We want to reclaim the discussion around Utopia from the pessimistic ruins of lukewarm science fiction and capitalist branding strategies, and transgress the limits of it being defined as a place in the past or the future. In this context, De School, the club, and the garden are potential spaces where people become childlike creatures that wander around seeking for pleasure and meaning without shame or fear. They are practicing a manifold, momentary version of Utopia, not in the celebration of hedonism but rather in creating an atmosphere and engaging in a meaningful social interaction that aims for individuals to express themselves in freely.

Lion Sauterleute 
Nikki Hock
Alexander Pannier
Arie de Fijter & Ksenia Perek

Lijuan Klaßen
Lion Sauterleute

The opening is free of charge, and from 21.00 til 23.00.
Afterwards a club entrance fee is required.

On view from July 13th – August 26th
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