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Can we reclaim agency as Users of the city? How does the familiar blinking cursor come to define our social relations? How does clickbait media and the rhetorics of journalism alter information? How does recounting our personal memories in public transform them? What might a union for creative labour look like? How has melodrama subsumed post-conflict Columbian politics?

The rooms and halls of De School are the site in which such questions have been addressed by nine graduates of the Design Department.

Sandberg Instituut invites you to watch, listen, and think along with us.
With: Mateo Broillet, Júlia Carvalho de Aguiar, Asja Keeman, Anastasia Kubrak, Sherida Kuffour, Heikki Lotvonen, Stefanie Luchtenberg, Juan Pablo Mejía, Tereza Ruller

More info on Facebook and on the Celestial Services website

Opening night:
Friday 15th June 8—11pm

Exhibition Hours:
Saturday June: 16th 12—10pm
Sunday June: 17th 12—8pm
Monday June 18th: 12—6pm
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