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s105 – De School, Amsterdam)

David West Musical Artist
New York, USA

Amsterdam, NL

Words by Subbacultcha:

If Da Vinci was an Aussie based in New York, it would be David West – the musical artist who effortlessly oscillates between a myriad of creative projects, bands, music genres and styles.

When he isn’t post punk Rank/Xerox’s guitarhero or pop project Liberation’s synth-master, West fabricates his very own musical universe that he craftily infuses with disco tunes, free soundscapes, swooping synths and an enduringly raw mix of drums and guitar. Adding to David West’s creative formula are his evident influences by simultaneously his Australian background and his involvement with the American West Coast music scene – both of which inevitably construct an irresistible and kaleidoscopic amalgam of creative expressions. David is joined by Property, who you might recognize from Amsterdam’s Circular Ruins. It’s Property’s fresh debut on stage, and we can ensure you the two artists promise a night that deserves your calendar’s spotlight.

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