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Series #2: "The Female Gaze"
De School
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Start: 21.45

In May we present three film nights in collaboration with Roffa Mon Amour. Out of hundreds we picked three distinctive, talented and great female directors that we are blown away by. They contributed to the cinematic field in their – not only feminine – but very peculiar, outstanding way. 

May 8:

Agnes Varda – Cleo from 9 to 5 (1963)  

About Agnès Varda:
Grandmother of the French New Wave director Agnès Varda is 90 year old, has 50+ credits on our name and is still working. Her latest film came out last year and was nominated for an Oscar in best documentary category. Varda is by far our best example of great female filmmaking. 

About 'Cleo from 9 to 5' (1963) :
Over the course of two hours Cleo a selfish, beautiful singer, anxiously waits until the results of her biopsy come back. Wandering around Paris she finds comfort talking with a soldier in the park whose troubles put hers in perspective.
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