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Are you also slowly starting to realize after all these years that your high school days were some of the best ones in your life? Well, we’re sad to say that those days are never coming back, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make up for all those skipped classes and indulge in your field of interest once more. After a successfull series last year and this spring, we'll be returning with Het Klaslokaal once again.
Tickets are limited, €12,50 each and available through our ticket shop.

***Please note: this class is in Dutch***

About this class:
The latest edition of Het Klaslokaal will be on wildcrafting. Ellen Mookhoek is an expert when it comes to edible plants and flowers in the Dutch outdoors, and can teach you exactly which leaves you need to pick in order to spice up your salad. Entrance is via Café DS.
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