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Christine Sun Kim's ‘CLOSE READINGS’ is on view from June 8 until July 8 2017, Tuesday – Friday, 12:00 – 22:00, Saturday 15:00 – 22:00, and during club nights with valid club ticket.

CLOSE READINGS is one of five artistic interventions of ‘BUSY DAYS with Christine Sun Kim’ initiated by De Appel and taking place from May 5 until August 20 in Amsterdam (and beyond). The project explores the medium of sound through technology, performance and drawing. Each of these interventions concerns a particular medium, duration and social context, such as a nightclub, a radio station or an office hallway, and highlights Kim’s singular relationship with spoken languages and her aural environment. 

The video works ‘Close Readings’ (2016) and ‘Classified Digits’ (2016) on view at Het Kunstlokaal and De Cinema at De School, playfully subvert film captions by inviting deaf friends to add their own “sound cues” and American Sign Language storytelling methods.

De Appel brings together people, objects and ideas to explore the yet unknown. The artistic programme of De Appel is presented at various locations in Amsterdam (and beyond). With an experimental, open-minded and inclusive focus, the programme serves the intellectually and emotionally curious, (non-) specialized art enthusiast. 

More information about Christine Sun Kim's artistic interventions:
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