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Are you also slowly starting to realize after all these years that your high school days were some of the best ones in your life? Well, we’re afraid to say that those days are never coming back, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make up for all those skipped classes and indulge in your field of interest once more. After a successfull series in May and June, we'll be returning with Het Klaslokaal starting November 2 with classes about subjects such as architecture, film, video art and graphic design.

How does it work? Starting November 2, we’ll be inviting a guest teacher every Wednesday from 20:00 to 21:00 to teach in Het Klaslokaal for seven weeks in a row. You can buy tickets online in our ticketshop for €10. These tickets will give you entry to the desired class plus an delicious authentic bowl of ramen noodles in Café DS before or after the class. Our advice is to be rather quick, because each class has limited space.

Tessa Cramer is a future-focussed academic - with curiosity, elaboration and interdiscipinarity as a central part of her work. The future is always changing and it's Tessa's goal to understand those changes and transfer these changes to others. She does this for a living at the Fontys Academy of Creative Industries as a teacher of Future Research whilst being a board member of the Dutch Future Society.

Tessa: "A combination of intuition and rational thinking is the basis for a course of study such as trend research. Ratio is often thoughtfully conveyed in spheres of education, but the same is not really applicable when it comes to intuition. That's why we'll be focussing on our senses and intuition in this class. Because when we are really actively observing? We take several routes to the grocery store and our work on a daily basis, which we often do without actually comtemplating our surroundings - we look around us but are we also actually observing? To illustrate this, we'll be going through images of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, viewed through the eyes of a trend researcher.

Schedule November 2 until December 14:

November 2  — Trends with Tessa Cramer — learning to predict and see trends
November 9 — Architecture with Barend Koolhaas & Jaap Evert Abrahamse — the architecture of De School and its surroundings
November 16 — Film with EYE — the art of the film
November 23  — Graphic design with Louis Reith — graphic design, the autonomous way
November 30  — Video art with Bart Rutten 
December 7 — Creativity class with Lorenzo de Rita — how to stimulate creativity
December 14 — Music with Harold Schellinx — about the music style ‘ultramodern’
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