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FRIDAY 21.10

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Muziekgebouw aan de Ring is the concert series between The Rest is Noise and De School; a collaborative project presenting the most visionary artists of our time. We celebrate our ADE instalment by inviting two of the most exciting live artists of our generation: synthesist Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and local experimentalist / improviser BEA1991. 

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Esteemed contemporary composer and sound engineer, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, creates the softest sounds from the esoteric Buchla modular synthesiser. Inspired by the serenity and vitality of her Orca Islands hometown, her weightless music is sculpted from visual imaginations and realised as hyperreal sonic puzzles of synthetic sounds and melodic pulses. She follows in the footsteps of early electronic pioneers like Laurie Spiegel and Suzanne Ciani, with her visceral compositions which emulate a sense of wonderment and energy for a world of sound. 

It’s with equal craft that Dutch artist, BEA1991, composes her misty electronic compositions. Her wispy vocals and deadpan tone have developed a distinct aesthetic and intuitive quality to her stage presence. For this performance BEA is moving further away from the traditional band set up and developing her solo performance; a unique collage of samplers, vinyl and vocals patchworked into hazy soundscapes.

19:00 Oceanic
20:00 BEA1991
20:30 Intermission
20:45 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
21:30 End


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