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DIAPOSITIVE is all about light and darkness. Intense daylight LEDs are mounted and directed both in- and outwards on a rotating black metal frame. The animated light illuminates smoke and creates shapes in the air. As it continually transforms, the image is brought to life. Viewers can not only walk around it and see it from different perspectives, they will also have the feeling they can touch the image: with strong bright shapes, the dark parts function as black holes, resulting in an almost tactile darkness. The hypnotic sensation that Children of the Light bring about, is a continuation of their research into treating light as matter.

Sound: Sebastien Robert
Commissioned by: HORST Arts & Music Festival 2015 (v1.0)

Children of the Light is the collaboration of Amsterdam-based visual artists Christopher Gabriel and Arnout Hulskamp. As a duo, they tend to both entrance and mystify the public, creating abstract and highly spherical scenographies and installations. Their scenography work for DARKSIDE and HOWLING brought them to acclaimed stages worldwide such as Pitchfork Paris, Art Basel Miami and The Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Their installation work has been recently on show at The New Institute, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, GlowNext, TodaysArt The Hague and TodaysArt Japan.

Tuesday to Thursday: 20.00 - closing of the restaurant
Friday and Saturday: 20:00 - 22:00 and 23:00 - 02:00 (only for club visitors)
Closed on Monday and Sunday, closed on July 11/12/20/21 and August 24.

Entry is free of charge.
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