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Are you also slowly starting to realize after all these years that your high school days were some of the best ones in your life? Well, we’re afraid to say that those days are never coming back, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make up for all those skipped classes and indulge in your field of interest once more. Since our building used to function as a school, we thought it would be cool to welcome a couple of Amsterdam teacher to our location to refresh our memory with a class on some of our favorite topics. We’ve appropriately dubbed this series Het Klaslokaal!

How does it work? Starting May 11 we’ll be inviting a guest teacher every Wednesday from 19:30 to 20:30 to teach in Het Klaslokaal. These classes are entirely free of cost. You can register by mailing us at State your name and the class you want to attend, so we can check whether there’s space left. Our advice is to be rather quick, because each class has limited space!

Schedule May 11 to June 22:

May 11  — Philosophy with Alexander Kauffmann - Introduction to ethical theories
May 18 — Physics with Fleur van Uffelen (Berlage Lyceum) — ???
May 25 — Latin with Eline Berenlot Moens (Het 4de Gymnasium) — Aeneas by Vergilius
June 1  — Mathematics with Bram van Laarhoven (Comenius Lyceum) — ???
June 8  — Social sciences with Biem Enter (GO! Onderwijs) — Social problems
June 15 — History with Frans Anzion (Montessori Lyceum) — The Short 20th Century
June 22 — Fine arts with Roeland Windig (Vossius Gymnasium) — Space: how to create spaciousness on a flat surface?

* Latin classes require a basic understanding or lower threshold high school level
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