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Luca Mortellaro is a man of many interests. A former student of cognitive sciences, the Italian-born techno producer has found music to be a powerful medium, one that can convey abstract concepts he derives from literature and philosophy into dancefloor experiences. His dynamic output is also due to the creative environment fostered by his label Stroboscopic Artefacts that pairs club-ready tracks with experimental sound design. 

Lucy’s upcoming release, Self-Mythology LP, is said to touch on creation stories, fairy tales and their recurring archetypes which continue to shape the human psyche today. The record has a distinct analogue feel thanks to Jon Jacobs’ improvisational vocals and flute, who will also be performing with Lucy. The live showcase at De School is conceived as an esoteric initiation: Lucy and Oblivious Artefacts have designed a complex setup with no computers; instead they will use transparent projection screens in front of the DJ station to facilitate an immersive experience.

Support by Cyspe

This concert is a collaboration with The Rest is Noise; a label of progressive muziek connected to het Muziekgebouw.

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