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During this edition of Opera Forward Festival Launch, OFF will present a few samples of what will be happening during the festival. Short performances by young creators, who also will get the room to explain their work. Expect live music, live singing and Q&A’s. With baritone Michael Wilmering, theater music maker Gable Roelofsen, componist Thanasis Deligianis and soprano Lilian Faharani. This happens in a space you won’t necessarily associate with opera straight away: a music room in an old technical school at the A10.

Entrance is free, reservations are required. You can sign up by sending a mail with your name in it to:

The program is organised by OFF, De School and We Are Public. For We Are Public members a Public Dinner is happening at Restaurant DS in De School soon. For more information, please see

The Opera Forward Festival takes place March 15 - March 25 in Amsterdam.

16.00 - 16.10 Aria from Il Matrimonio Segreto by Michael Wilmering
16.10 – 16.25 Keynote by Gable Roelofsen on the importance of the opera/arts
16.25 – 16.40 Interview Thannasis Deligianis by Gable and a performance of his new composition (for guitar and percussion)
16.40 – 17.00 Interview with the cast of Only the Sound. Nora Kimball and Davone Tines are available, possibly joined by Julie Merethu.
17.00 – 17.10 Aria from Il Matrimonio performed by Lilian Faharani and a closing duet from Don Giovanni by Lilian and Michael
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