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Starting a scene in your hometown can seem a bit tricky, even overwhelming at times. In the end, what starting a scene really boils down to, is booking shows.

But with so many factors in play, where to start? How do you find a cool venue, what bands will you book, and how can you go about it? On top of that, how will you cover costs, and how can you promote your endeavors well?

These are exactly the questions that were on our mind when we started Subbacultcha 10 years go. Our strategy was to involve the local bands and their friends; connect them, and build from there. Sounds simple, but it’s never easy. Luckily we’ve found some of the finest promoters in the country to shed some light on how to do this right.

Johan Gijssen is one of the two founders of the incredible Le Guess Who Festival in Utrecht. Aside from the festival, Johan has over 20 years’ experience of booking for Tivoli in Utrecht on top of being involved in various other interesting projects. Bas Jansen books most of the cool, gritty guitar bands at Mojo and is also involved in festivals like Motel Mozaique and Into the Great Wide Open. Natasja Alers has carved out a dark and gritty scene for herself with Grauzone in Amsterdam alongside other events and projects. Subbacultcha founder Leon Caren will moderate and join the discussion to shed some light on how we do things at Subbacultcha.

And then there’s you! There will be plenty of room for all your questions. We’re already thinking of a follow-up advanced course for the future. So join now, and next time, we might actually book some great shows together.

*Send an email to rsvp[at]subbacultcha[dot]nl with ‘BOOKING’ in the subject line to reserve a spot.
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