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Opening: 28.06.2019
On show form 28.06.2019 – 05.08.2019

We sweat to achieve that ideal body
We sweat to get confident about the self
We sweat to become that preferred self, influenced by many

SWEAT invokes the gym, the sport hall and the wellness center as microcosms where physical beauty and strength are cultivated, appreciated, and flaunted. At such places, on the one hand, we build self-confidence, and nurture attraction and erotic fantasies. On the other hand, we condition repulsion, insecurity and vulnerability there. These athletic realms moreover construct and maintain conventional notions of masculinity and femininity, making them complicated spaces to navigate for people with nontraditional sexual or gender identities. 

The influence of these sporty zones reaches far beyond the spatial. Notions of the idealized body are revolving around us at an accelerating pace due to the virtual dimensions called the Internet and social media – places where we also perform ourselves. These media affect our perceptions of physical aesthetics. How to react if we want to distance ourselves from standard conceptions of the body? How to act when we do not identify with the archetype? What happens if the rules of a game are mixed up?

SWEAT shows the works of six emerging artists who scrutinize the power of these realms and contemporary ideas of sculpting the body. They explore how those contested realms define, nurture and fetishize our perception of the body and self, our on- and offline behavior, and narratives of gender in society.

Participating artists: Aurélien Lepetit, Jo-ann With, Julius Thissen, Rosa Doornenbal, Pip Passchier and Xenia Perek. The exhibition is curated by Léon Kruijswijk.

Special thanks to Statsdeel West for making this exhibition possible.

Find our Open Call here. Apply before 20.07.2019. 

01.08 Dance perfomance They/Them
08.08 Tijdgenoten x Patty Morgan opening
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