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We Only Come Out At Night
We Only Come Out At Night
In 'We Only Come Out At Night' the time space between sunset and sunrise is intended as a opportunity to question oneself, to investigate reality and stimulate understanding through different points of view.

The screenings will be offering an unexpected point of view on our society, its fears and desires, always carefully considering the perspective of the viewer. All the selected works will underline the importance of the cinematic grammar intended as a language able to be understood and assimilated by every kind of public. The choice to present these films ‘in the heart of the night’ of Amsterdam is a direct consequence of the socio-political approach that each of the participating artists imply in their work. The project will create a dialogue between the work on show, the location and the public: a friction between the process of reading our daily reality through the eyes of the media and the revealing of their unsureness and uncertainty, to question and not to answer. 

Christian Niccoli (Italy)
 - Du Bei Mir
Du Bei Mir is a film about faith. It shows a man doing a prostration, a down throw during a stormy winter night. The man is not walking upright, he crawls on arms and legs. Every few meters he lays down for a few seconds with his entire body on the wet and cold ground. The film wants to show a contrast between the storm (the outside) and the calm and constant rhythm of the man (the inside). 

Salla Tykkä (Finland) - Victoria
In the short film Victoria, a nightly blossoming of the giant water lily is depicted. The plant tells the story of European colonialism in the 19th century and hides within its beauty the human need for power and domination. 

Giovanni Giaretta (Italy) - The Nightshift
A hypnotic voice-over narrates a text based on personal experience as a night porter. Here, the night shift becomes a metaphor that tells about the mechanics of perception, describing a particular state of mind caused by working at night in relation to an self-generated filmic illusion in which one pretend that it is daytime. 

Astrid Nippoldt (Germany) - Oakwood Garden
Oakwood Garden focuses on the garden of a typical luxurious apartment tower that is exclusively built for expatriates and their trailing families in Beijing. The camera views are guided by artificial illuminations in the garden from the perspective of a roamer or a buzzing insect. In a subtle way interfere with the beauty of the imagery and implants an atmosphere of suspense. 

We Only Come Out At Night is on show from March 1st until March 30th, and open during club nights (entry for club required).

This exhibition is realised in collaboration with WOW, where works by Ali Kazma, Inge Meijer, Belit Sag and Pierfrancesco Gava will be on show. Both exhibitions were developed by Marco Nember (Blue439 Foundation) and realised in collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Amsterdam, Fins Cultureel Instituut and Goethe Institut.
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