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'Viral Bodies' presented by NXS
'Viral Bodies' presented by NXS
FROM 19.00 TIL 00.00

On view from May 17th – June 3rd
Free entrance, except for club nights

Viral Bodies is the third printed issue of NXS, a collaborative artwork that explores ‘the self’ in the age of digital technology with a publication at its core. Viral Bodies addresses the many possible speculations on body, gender and identity norms and their mediation through technology.

The launch of Viral Bodies will be celebrated during three weeks at De School, where NXS will present its video installation, alongside a supporting program of live performances, music interventions and discussions. Building upon the idea of the club as a single beating body, a heterotopia that obeys to its own sets of rules, the video and the program of Viral Bodies will address the new opportunities that digital tools and online environments are creating to transgress the boundaries of social conventions and expressions, transforming our understanding and stereotypes of what a body could or should be.

The video installation is a visual essay and speculative investigation by NXS that responds to the publication Viral Bodies. Accompanied by a spatial intervention by Messgewand, the video leads the viewer through different dimensions of virtual environments, the real world and dream scenarios, wherein a chain of events expands the fluidity between identities and personas of the protagonist.

The video is a search for self-actualization, questioning whether this is actually possible in the context of digital technologies where the ambiguous feelings of proximity and distance with others always remain.

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