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10.09.2020 | The wine importers of Restaurant De School that will be present during De Zondagsschool September 20th


Daxivin imports and sells natural, organic and biodynamic wines to restaurants and private individuals. 
Cousins Marnix Rombaut and Niels Huijbregts are crazy for wine, especially if its made from nothing else, than grapes. So no additives!  
Daxivin wines come from small, headstrong winemakers. Organic, of course, or even better; biodynamic. Handpicked, spontaneous fermentation, unfiltered and minimal sulfites. But most importantly; they should taste amazing and adventurous. Wine that you love to drink. Wine that quenches your thirst and brings friends together.


Winery Au Paradis is owned by Déborah and Joris. Since the end of 2014 they travel to France, in search for biodynamic wines, which have been tinkered with as little as possible. Wines that beautifully express the grape, and part of France it comes from. Besides supplying a number of leading restaurants in Amsterdam, including De School, their wines can be bought in their own wine paradise at the Tichelstraat 25 in the Jordaan.


Enoteca Sprezzatura is a wine store on the Czaar Peterstraat in Amsterdam and is specialized in exciting wines from all regions of Italy. We import wines from small scale producers that produce wines with craftsmanship and vision, mostly from authentic and little known grape varieties. Our producers are able to make exceptional wines with ingredients like grape variety, soil, exposure and climate. They work with respect for the the vineyards and the environment, and you can taste in the wine. Pure, original wines, healthy and full of energy. Come by and have a taste!  
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