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Efraïm Bolado van der Meij, (better known as bakker Eef) bakes authentic sourdough bread, such as the wheat-rye “As” bread.
Eef is auto didactic; he adopted his bread baking skills in the kitchen of As ten years ago. When he started to bake 40 loaves a day for lunch and dinner in the archaic monastery oven of the restaurant.  Today the restaurant has its own bakery where Eef and his team are producing a tenfold more.
Not only for As, but for about another 30 restaurants in Amsterdam, including De School. Anyone can buy the bread from the As bakery; from Tuesday till Friday from 11:00 till 14:00 o’clock.

Kasper is ecologist, horticulturist and founder of De Groente Amsterdammer, an organic horticulture company.
The terrain is 40 hectares and is situated in Beverwijk, part of Estate Rorik.
They provide weekly packages, filled with fresh and local food from 8,- pp. Vegetables, fruit, dairy, eggs and meat. The packages can be picked up at different locations, including Restaurant DS.
Together with Jaap van den Biesen, Kasper started campaign agency Alhambra. An agency that strives towards a more sustainable economy.
Together with their family, Jan and Jochem Woord run Woordvis. The company works with a catch of the day. Eastern winds, big waves and strong currents determine what fish will swim into the nets. It can happen that not all types of fish are available. They have been working this way for 20 years, supplying a number of restaurants in Amsterdam. Now everyone can enjoy this fish, by ordering a package, which can be picked up at Restaurant De School. An app gives you insights into which fish may be available. You decide how much you want.

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