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At De Zondagsschool restaurant De school will put its suppliers in the spotlight. Our chefs will use their products to create a small tasting menu. The menu can be enjoyed throughout our building, with specially paired wines. The entire building – The former club area, classrooms, garden, restaurant and café – will be transformed into small-restaurants that each highlight a different supplier. You can meet our baker, fish, vegetable and wine suppliers in the corridors of the building. 

Use your dinner stampcard to walk through our building and taste the 8 dishes in different mini-restaurants. The route starts in the former club area and ends on the terrace of the café. The dishes must be consumed while seated, to comply to the COVID measures. The dishes consist of fish, meat and vegetables. If you do not eat fish or meat, it is possible to enjoy an entirely vegetarian route (no fish, no meat). Other allergies or dietary requirements cannot be taken into account. Our wine suppliers will be present to sell different glasses and bottles of wine. If you would prefer to drink something other than wine, you are welcome at one of our bars. 
The music is curated by Malvin Wix, Tom Trago & Maxi Mill
Tickets can be purchased for different timeslots. Each timeslot expires after 4 hours. This is to avoid overcrowding and to guarantee guests can keep 1,5 meters distance. 

Tickets for de Zondagsschool are 30,- euros, this includes a punch card for 8 dishes, your own DS-wineglass and a DS-canvas bag. (excl. drinks)
Reservations for De Zondagsschool are made through our online reservationsystem

Dutch wine? What is orange wine? How do you make wine?
During De Zondagsschool, Marnix Rombaut from Daxivin will give a Masterclass on these subjects. Marnix and his cousin Niels Huijbregts don't only import wines but also make their own dutch orange wine.
They will explain their process during De Masterclass and let you taste the result at the bar in our basement.

De Masterclass will be given at 14:00 and 16:00. De Masterclass is free, but you need to reserve a spot. Reservations for the Masterclass can be made through our online reservationsystem, and are only available for people who have a general entrance ticket for De Zondagsschool. Limited spaces available. 

In relation to safety and everyone’s health, we have taken a number of measures. We ask you to comply to these measures and to read them carefully. 
- A health check will be held at the entrance, where you will be asked to provide your personal data. This will be kept for two weeks to support possible GGD source and contact investigation.
- In addition, we ask you to disinfect your hands. This is possible at a number of locations in our building. 
- We will provide walking routes and ask you to keep to these. 
- Food and drinks cannot be consumed while walking. Seating will be available in the mini-restaurants, at 1,5 meter distance. 
- We ask you not to move the chairs and tables. 
Keep a safe distance from each other, our employees and suppliers.

For questions about De Zondagsschool, emails can be sent to restaurantds@deschoolamsterdam.nl
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