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06.03.2020 | Words by: De School

Our March weekender starts tonight and both JASSS and CEM play twice. Besides their sets alone on Sunday, they'll be closing off our basement together tonight. In fact, the full weekender was build around this radio show where JASSS and CEM play together. So, we wanted to hear more about what makes them such a great duo in (and outside of) the booth.

Q: How did you two meet? And how did you end up playing together? 

JASSS: The Herrensauna crew invited me to play their night in Munich. That was super fun. CEM was just very relaxed and fun to be around. After meeting only a couple of times afterwards, it just felt like he was someone I had been known for much longer. I love when you meet someone and everything is uncomplicated and natural like this. I felt like we had a lot in common when we play, selection wise but also energy wise, so I invited him to play b2b at Berghain, and that turned out to be a great idea. So we kept doing it. 

CEM: Yeah, indeed our interactions felt so effortless from the beginning. That first night we met, I was glad we actually had some time to talk before the gig. We were just talking about our early fascination for electronic music, nightlife and specifically  "la real" by Surgeon. I felt like it was quite bold of Silvia to ask me to play in Berghain for their Mannequin anniversary, as I had never played that place before and it would be our first time playing together as well. But I think we can both confidently agree that we tore it up. So, it was inevitable that we would do it again and again...

 Q: What do you have in common – sound wise and on a more personal level? 

J: I think every time he plays something, it's very easy for me to relate to it. We have a similar sense of what energy means. When I play with him, we often hit this "question answer" point that, in this case is very nice. In a personal level...i think we both love to have a good time and we both have trouble deciding when is time to put an end to it (well well well...). I think we are both quite sensitive aswell 

C: Obviously it's our Leo-Aries combo thats so fierce and explosive and pushes each other over the edge. I agree that I can always relate to what she has to offer, musically and personally. We both have seemingly very confident personalities but with a deeply sensitive emotional side that helps us not look like massive jerks and navigate smoothly through this mostly cruel life. Did I just sound like a wanna-be astrologist? I need to put co-star aside for a while.. 

Q: Your styles clearly overlap, but there are some differences as well. What kind of tracks would you leave at home when you're playing together?

J: Oh, I don't hold back. It's not difficult to stay true to myself when we play together. I really don't have to compromise much sound wise when I play with him. I would say that maybe I could play some outrageous drama tracks, more like a song in the set. And I'd say something like: "Ok bare with me im about to play some epic operistic drama for a sec".

C: What's really important is that we both love so many different styles of music that it's easy for us to understand and react to what the other is playing. The attitude in general is no holds barred. This might sound extreme for dancers on the floor, but so far it has flowed so organically that we didn't (yet) have to sacrifice some poor clueless bodies for our own entertainment... Honestly techno and all its surroundings takes itself way too seriously, an environment I often find myself in, and it's just so much fun to break that every once in a while with the most beautiful and corny track or switch up styles in a way you wouldn't expect in a peak time situation.

Q: How do you prepare for a set together? Did your way of preparing change from the first time you played together? 

J: We don't prepare much to be honest. We might listen to some tunes at my studio, but that's not like really preparing. We just show up. I feel like now that we know each other better, we push the boundaries much more compared to the first time we played the peak time slot at that Manequin night in Berghain. Which was so much fun.

C: Basically what happens is that I come over to JASSS' studio like she said, and just listen to one ridiculous track after the other (still can't get over "Passion For Fashion") and my jaw drops further and we laugh our asses off. From that moment it's on like "whatever may come", brace yourselves. Thats pretty much what happened for our first gig together and since has become tradition.  

Q: Based on your own experiences, what's importannt for a good back-to-back sets? Are there any (unwritten) rules?

J: I think it's about being able to read the other one, be able to become the same entity almost, or at least a cohesive mix: when 2 people become one back to back). Besides there are no rules really. 

C: "Two of hearts, two hearts that beat as one" is what comes to my mind immediately ;). I agree it's important to stay cohesive and not try to "outplay" each other. Put your ego away and try to connect to each others offerings.
Q: To close it off: what is something you really appreciate or admire about each other?

J: He's really funny and really kind. He can be really caring and has this "childish" halo that I love. And: the bitch looks fab even when he's dying inside after 357450 hours of partying.

C: Thanks for exposing me as a party animal. I won't say she can keep up easily... ;) What I have always admired about her is her cool and calm confidence. It's a perfect counterpart to my sometimes hectic and nervous antics. She's fearless and doesn't hold back. Also this girl is so musically talented musically, I can't wait for you all to hear her new productions. Bombastic and so fragile at the same time. 

Het Weekend starts tonight and ends Monday Morning. Tickets are still available online and at the door.

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