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08.08.2019 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek and Elisa Luengo

After 3,5 year we've decided to change the format of these pieces a little bit, instead of writing separate blog posts we'll now do it together now, in conversation. We basically just chat like we always do, this time messaging during August 2nd and 3rd from an empty office as most staff is out of town for the final Nachtdigital, Dekmantel Festival, the Canal Parade, or in the basement. 

Luc: Where are you now?

Elisa: Seeing Caterina Barbieri, it's so intense and emotional. Love the dramatic arpeggios.

L: It's like 100% endorphins. And I feel like Bimhuis is the perfect venue for it too. 

E: I also saw Oceanic and Mattheis live. Mattheis’ last track was very Holden-ish. 

L: That's funny, Mattheis introduced me to Holden's music when I was 16. We grew up on the same island in the south of the Netherlands. And I will always love Mattheis' music. Did you see anyone else apart from Barbieri and the Nous'klaer showcase yesterday? 

E: I checked out Sunn O))) for a bit, but it was a bit too much for my mood. You needed earplugs and everything. I saw Yves Tumor as well, which was okayish, but not as cool without the band. He's still such a rockstar though! What are you up to?

L: I'm listening to Suzanne Ciani it the office, no one's here. There's this moment at nine minutes in her 1975 WBAI Free Music Store concert recording that's the most incredible synth melodies. And Mairo dropped by for lunch in between preparing for his set in the garden tonight. Also Sam Barker just walked in, didn't dare yet to tell him how much I love his new album. 

E: You can fanboy him! He’s such a chill guy. Let's look back a little bit on the past few weeks, what music did you really enjoy in and out of De School lately?  

L: I guess we were both the biggest fans of Juliana Huxtable's set last Friday. Never heard a set like that, not even close. It was really hard to believe what was even happening, what she was doing. I saw Cashu at Wildeburg which was really great. And I'm always happy to see Meetsysteem again, so nice to have a cool Dutch pop band to soundtrack our summer. And I woke up to BEA1991's album every morning, probably the best pop record to ever come from here. 

E: So many familiar faces are here to support upsammy at Dekmantel’s mainstage! Let me think. These last two weekends have been pretty cool in and out De School. For me, definitely last weekender was really meaningful, paying tribute to people I admire and getting their respect back was beautiful. But also giving the stage to new faces we really believe in, supporting those first steps. It was a very rewarding experience overall, the one that gives you that feeling you’re actually always chasing. Pride weekend was also cute, having the two coolest New York DJs and Jasmín play together. Job's Muzieklokaal Saturday closing was just that fun push that I need sometimes to be reminded about the dancefloor perspective, to be part of the crowd and enjoy it like a raver :),

L: I'm having dinner here now with the DJs for tonight. Funkineven is so cool, he just finished a project with Mos Def. I've promised to send him some contemporary Dutch rap too. I will probably go for MocroManiac. 

E: Dozzy just started playing cosmic disco here, mixed feelings from his hardcore fans. Maybe you can talk a bit about what's happening in September, what are you looking forward to the most? 

L: First of all DJ Qu cause we never hear that sound in De School and I love it. I'm always a bit hesitant to use the term deep too often, but DJ Qu = DEEP. There's this track on his latest EP called Circumvent, and that one is miles below the lava. I'm happy to hear Philou again, this time in the basement, where his new tracks will sound even better I think. In May when Peggy Gou played the basement, Philou and Russell E.L. Butler (not to be missed at Spielraum in September) played upstairs and it was just so fresh. I'm looking forward to see Gigsta for Het Weekend. We did a voting in the hallway during the June weekender who should play there next time and the people voted for Gigsta (shoutout Jurre for organizing the poll and talking everyone through it). 

E: Live report from the festival: Batu. Sickest. Closing. Ever. 

L: Here Phoung Dan just proposed the idea to Sybil to suddenly change room during their sets, when she's closing upstairs and he's downstairs. And Miran is playing GROOVY. 

E: That's a lovely idea, would 100% work. I was just hanging out with Miss Jay and I think she's gonna be great on Sunday. She’s nervous as hell, but I'm very confident.

L: Cool, please tell me about your September expectations, I'll go to the office to finish some work, see you tonight! xx 

E: I'm excited for DJ Qu as well; with so much techno around, I often miss the groove. That generation of American DJs like Fred P, Jus-Ed, Joey Anderson and Qu himself have made some of my favorite music. Regarding the weekender I’m very excited about Stellar OM Source because she’s an incredible musician, the comeback of Massi in Het Muzieklokaal with his dreamy vibes, and the debut of my fellow madrileño Héctor Oaks closing the basement. Also looking forward to Kornél Kovács: his last album is just pure poppy pleasure. He should be producing for Robyn next. He’s a very fun DJ with a great sense of humor which comes through in his music. Last time he played with Carista, they closed with a b2b and the whole room sang to Cranes in the Sky < 3 That's it, see you tonight! X 

All tickets for September are now on sale. 
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