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17.07.2019 | Words by: Elisa Luengo

This upcoming weekender makes a cute story, so I didn’t want to let the opportunity go of telling how and why it came together. It’s one of those occasions when the stars align and all your booking wishes come true.

I met Aurora Halal in Madrid in 2016. I remember asking her about her first gig at De School, which had occurred only two weeks before. She said it was mad, one of the best she ever had. Her memories of that night fueled my growing desire to move to The Netherlands. Since then, I haven’t missed a single night of Aurora playing at De School. But I am obviously not the only fangirl in the room. This year there will be quite some Dutch representatives at Sustain-Release, the festival Aurora and Daniel (aka Relaxer) run in upstate New York. Half of our office will be present in a foreign family affair. And since Halal and Relaxer performed my favourite live set at Dekmantel last year, they made it to the top of our “dream bookings for 2019” list. We have built the rest of the line up around them as our little tribute to Sustain-Release.

Cinnaman, Halal and Relaxer, and JP Enfant will all play on Saturday night, while Traumgarten will provide a 24-hour programme in De Tuin. They have coupled a few garden favourites, two live sets, lights by Children of the Light and, of course, loads of smoke for an extra dreamy vibe.

For Sunday we have decided to extend the program, since June weekender proved that ending at Het Muzieklokaal is the ideal wrap-up. Besides, the day will bring 3 debuts. Early morning is the time for young local promise Eversines, whose steady releases have earned him a well-deserved spot. He gets to play next to one of his heroes: DJ Dustin. A double treat for Remco. The groovy flow continues with another first-timer who we are equally excited for. Her name is Kia, she comes from Melbourne, and just a few online mixes have been enough to convince us. Especially this one for Nous’klaer and this other for Patterns of Perception left me both impressed and intrigued because of their subtlety.

Third debut and absolute personal highlight is Beta Librae. A few impeccable releases and a residency at the always-inspiring Nowadays in New York precede her. This is the first chance to see Bailey in The Netherlands, and I bet it won’t be the last. Meanwhile, we will open the basement earlier than usual with Woody’92. Starting at 20:00 both rooms will be open: make your choice. Following, Luc will bring some poppy bangers downstairs. To close the basement, we have asked Aurora Halal to play a solo DJ set for your trippy pleasure.

Both PLO Man and Josey Rebelle played epic sets at Sustain-Release in 2017. Therefore, we thought it would be fun if he could close Het Muzieklokaal on Sunday night and if Josey could reopen it on Monday morning for the last dance. Expect long(er) opening hours.

Het Weekend starts Saturday night and ends Monday morning. Tickets are still available here
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