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10.05.2019 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek

One winter ago Call Super told me about the Mudd Club, a 1970s nightclub in downtown Manhattan. I loved reading about it - the club had many things in common with clubs now (DJs, late closing times, a door policy, performance art) but it was pre-house music, and pre-xtc. So people would just rave to live bands or DJs playing songs - songs often as weird as possible. Now I think today we certainly don't need any more DJ men playing a weird as possible, but people dancing to bands and songs, yes please.

Now I won't say that the L.A.N Party we're organizing together with Subbacultcha has anything to do with the Mudd Club, but there will be bands and songs. Punk, synth-pop, dancehall, new wave, no wave. The night will start early with songs in s105 by Meetsysteem, who has an album coming out on Nous'klaer, and Rouzbeh Teymouri, forthcoming on De Vlieger. There'll be punk in Het Muzieklokaal, DJs in a new small sweaty room and DRKNGHTS till late in the bar area of the basement.

Together with Subbacultcha and The Rest Is Noise we've also invited Kelman Duran to s105, on Thursday June 6. 6 De La Mañana is a schooly office hit and his NTS Radio shows are a TIP!. And finally also in cooperation with Subbacultcha we bring you season 2 of De Happening, with two live debuts. Carolina Eyck (world famous theremin player, got invited to improvise with Jeff MF Mills a few years ago) plays with Eversines (famous for being one of De Lichting's wonderkids and serving great coffees at De School's cafe), and Greetje Bijma (incredible improv jazz singer) will do an improvisation with Oceanic. Eversines and Carolina Eyck just released an album on yeyeh; the outcome of Oceanic and Greetje Bijma's recent studio sessions will be released on yeyeh later this year.  

The first week of June sees the fifth weekender of the year, also the fourth and final edition of a series unofficialy titled Nachtischool, which means Steffen Bennemann has played a big role (more context here) in bringing the people on the program together, and that a big bus with friends from Leipzig will drop by to dance with us. Upcoming summer will be the #21 and final Nachtdigital, and I can wholeheartedly recommend to take the trip and join the finale. (I mean - Batu, Aleksi Perälä, Oceanic, YPY, Deena Abdelwahed, Jobse, Lux, Powder, Vlada, Olivia are all playing this year, and most times the car ride to Olganitz is as fun as the festival itself.)

June starts with the comeback of a night that got legendary in Trouw: ROD all night. Back after five long years. On June 15th, Job Sifre plays along Mama Snake, and a week later Hunee asked Max Abysmal and Shackleton to join him on Friday, while on Saturday there's two rooms: Somewhen, Aquarian and mad miran in the basement, Roi Perez with an endless set at Het Muzieklokaal. For the final weekend Interstellar Funk has invited Elena Colombi and Mark Knekelhuis for the Friday, and Talismann gets joined by VTSS and Stanislav Tolkachev for a heavy one. And then on Sunday we all go dancing and crying at the very final party of our favourite nearby club - BAR LOVE 4 ever.

Tickets for all our nights (and days) in June are now for sale here
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