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29.04.2019 | Words by: Studio The Future + De School

The coming months we will be setting up an artist-in-residency here in De School. We will be taking the summer and the early fall months to see what fits best with the space, the general programming, and what we can do to approach the format of an artist-in-residency program in a different way. More on this later. As the first test, together with Studio The Future, who are also based in our building, we have selected Tokyo-based sound artists, composer, and producer JEMAPUR, who will come to Amsterdam and create new work to be shown in De School. For the full month of May, he will be living in the house on the terrace of Cafe DS.

JEMAPUR is first and foremost interested in making sound — and everything that comes along with that. When he was 14, he decided music and the electronic music scene / underground internet culture would be his new home, and since that moment he has been making music, experimenting, and recently making sound tracks for films. In 2006 he made his album debut by HydeOut Productions, till 2014 he has released 4 other albums. Since then he has taken a bit of a shift, and started to work more in composition, producing soundtracks for tv and film, and producing for others (lately focusing on the electronic pop band Young Juvenile Youth). His personal work has recently focused on experimenting with various modes of composition, producing, and communicating, rather than producing albums. At De School JEMAPUR will be mainly experimenting with communication through collaboration, creating a series of new works that will be installed in the various spaces in De School. In addition to this, with the huge body of sound work he has accumulated the last five years (his personal work) he will experiment with different ways of “releasing” the work. 

For us the most important aspects of this artist-in-residence, and the work of JEMAPUR as resident, are the potential links that can be made with the club, the club goers, and how a different link can be made between various aspects of our everyday experience here in De School. 

More info about JEMAPUR to come, but in the meantime here are a few links to get oriented:
Find his most recent film projects here and here.
Old school stuff: here, here and here.
And some of his more commercial work: here and here.

For his personal tracks and music he would rather perform it live.

JEMAPUR's stay is supported by Lokaal Internationaal (as part of BeST-NL).

In the words of JEMAPUR (an excerpt from the interview in Art Hooligans 1, Lokaal Internationaal insert)

STF: Can you give us a quick description of who you are?
J: I am a waveform addict, based in Tokyo (actually on the internet), mostly working as a self-educated composer, sound designer / coder / engineer. Recently I’m spending most of my time experimenting to find some new feelings with sounds through algorithmic composition-based live coding libraries.

STF: Can you describe what you do, without using any specific titles like “design”, “publishing” etc.?
I’m looking for the limits of imagination as a human species. I also use my brain like a deep learning algorithm from long ago. I am always trying to focus on controlling all information inputs. Choosing to remove any unnecessary things beforehand is important to expand our ability to imagine. If one continues these kinds of things, specific parts of the brain become active, and this activity creates a new focus on the world. In my case, waves (others call it sounds) are the most important addictive/interesting things. I’m just doing these kinds of experiments all the time.

STF: What was the moment you decided to start to do what you do?

J: When I was 14, I was completely bored within my observable range of the music/waves, and so I started to experiment with some open-source software like ‘Jeskola Buzz’, ‘ixi software’, etc.. In 2001, it was a really good moment to start something online or on the internet. These open-source cultures/minds were very important for my creation process because I had no money. Also, I didn’t go to high-school, so I had lots of time to focus on studying/training my brain/mind for this usage. 

STF: What drives you to continue?
I’m looking for something. I can’t see what it is yet. A new discovery provides me with new ideas $repeat(n) [editorial: code for repeat 'n' times].

STF: What would you like to do the coming years?

J: Reboot, reinstall and update myself.

STF: If there was no limit, what would you like to try out?

J: At first, I want to visit another space/time location. And then, experiment with huge algorithmic sequences on the world’s fastest quantum computers as a memory of the travel. Actually I’m almost doing similar things in my mind… haha.

Picture from onesxtnth at Plivka a few years ago. 
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