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12.03.2019 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek

In April we take part in two tours. Laurel Halo's DJ-Kicks excursion arrives at De School on Friday April 12th, with LYZZA, LSDXOXO and Panda Lassow on board. I remember getting texts from friends when Laurel Halo played one of LYZZA's first tunes in Panorama bar, and I remember LSDXOXO playing the first X3 at Noorderschip, one of the best parties last year. The DJ-Kicks arrives in a week and features Parris, Rrose, Ikonika and a track by the Rotterdam based Panda Lassow, who will play the opening for this night. Second tour coming to our school underlines the release of Paula Temple's debut album, coming in May and focussing on the "healing powers of harsh noise". For extra noise she has invited Sentimental Rave to play before her and AZF to play the closing hours.

For the first Friday of the month upsammy asked to play with rRoxymore, around the time that also Ben UFO told us he'd love to play with rRoxymore, which we thought makes a great night. This same evening Oceanic curates a twelve-hour stream at Minimal Music Festival in Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. It's the first event of SO&SO, a new platform by Sanne Huijsmans, and it features Gigsta and Torus & Malibu amongst other performances and conversations. On Saturday night we'll get together with Minimal Music Festival for a night over two floors in their venue. Sapphire Slows plays twice, Phillip Jondo too and Kate NV and Mohammad Reza Mortazavi both play a late night show. I saw Mortazavi play in the middle of the dancefloor at Drugstore in Belgrade and it was otherworldly, and the people that saw him at Terraforma last summer said the same. The full Terraforma concert is online here, so you can see yourself.

Minimal Music Festival fades nicely into the Sunday of Het Weekend, with Kiernan Laveaux from Cleveland, Jackie House from San Francisco and Miss Jay from Groningen playing Het Muzieklokaal for the first time. We'll also ask some friends to play the garden, but this is still in the works. A week later Speedy J and Lucy bring their Zeitgeber project back to life, after spending time together in the studio some weeks ago. They will be playing a long long set and Adiel will play the first three hours.

For Easter weekend we have brought together three nights. On Friday I-F returns under his Beverly Hills 808303 moniker - after shaking up the strobes during Acid Planet two summers ago - backed up by Gesloten Cirkel and mad miran, who I totally imagined dancing front row all night otherwise. Saturday sees a night we have been wanting to do since our opening date: Sandrien and DJ Nobu. And on Sunday we go to the basement for some Bonzai powered energy with CJ Bolland, Job Jobse and KI/KI. There are many things to love about CJ Bolland: his role in the Belgian Bonzai movement, his amazing 1995 DJ Kicks album, the beautiful melodies in The Tower of Naphtali (featured here in the Bicep Essential Mix), and he even has a short cameo in one of my (and Job's) favourite films: Any Way the Wind Blows.

Throughout April we'll organize a film program with IDFA, focussing on nocturnal activity in different metropoles. I've already seen Trapped in the City of a Thousand Mountains, on the trap scene in Chongqing, and that one's five stars. The full program will be ready later this week. And for Thursday April 11th, when the blossom trees are in full bloom, we've asked local duo Wanderwelle to play live in our garden. Expect cherry-coloured melodies at sunset.

Tickets for April are now available.
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