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09.10.2018 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek

There's this interview podcast in which David Vunk recalls bumping into one of De School's staff members in Concrete, Paris. They start talking about a booking at De School that didn't yet happen. It's funnier when you hear him say it (in Dutch): They say they still have to find the right moment?!

It's funny cause it's true. There's lists with DJs we like everywhere: in excel, word, notes, our agenda, but finding the right moment is where it gets harder. This might become easier when we get to open our two rooms more often, which will be the case of this year's edition of our annual Love Triangle night: we are opening the basement and Het Muzieklokaal. Job, Elias and me will be playing separately over the course of the night. It's Job's birthday party and we might still be celebrating the start of his label as well. A week earlier marks the De Vlieger's first twelve inch release with a long night celebration at Garage Noord. This first record contains six synth-pop songs by Karel, who played at De School for the third time a few weeks ago. The first time: flying unannounced through the smoking room. The second time: jumping from Ad de Jong's large vitalic art objects through De Aula. The third time: in Subbacultcha's magic mini concert room S105 with Raven Artson and BEA1991. This time we have invited BEA1991 and Fenna Fiction to play in Het Muzieklokaal, while Rouzbeh will open with a liveset and Elias plays the closing. In the basement live-electro stars Animistic Beliefs play between Job and me, following up on their beautiful debut a few months ago.

Another birthday party takes place the week before, for which Avalon Emerson has invited Or:la and upsammy to join the festivities. A day later Regis plays our basement on request by our former intern Kelly, who asked for a set by him in our basement as her goodbye gift. A bit late but it's happening: Regis, backed up by Parrish Smith and Job Sifre. And on Sunday: after 2300 requests, 119 emails and 64 office plays for his Alternate Cuts set, Donato Dozzy comes to play the basement. We'll open early at 21.00, Paquita Gordon plays the opening and closing, Dozzy in between. After listening to her RA Podcast a dozen times, hearing all stories about her Nachtdigital and Terraforma sets plus first-hand reviews from DJ Dustin and Steffen Bennemann, both praising the spiritual persona that comes across in her sets. The exact thing I think I hear in my favourite Dozzy mixes.

On the final Saturday of November Buttechno (dive into his magical world here, moving between Gosha Rubchinskiy fashion shows and a new LP on Veronica Vasicka's techno imprint) will play live, with both Solid Blake and SOLARIS returning after they played two of the most powerful sets we've heard in the basement during their first times here. John Talabot plays the Friday and he has invited Alicia Carrera and Eva Geist (ended up high on our lists after seeing her play in Garage Noord) to join in. The Friday before sees Gerd Janson next to Carista (her United Identites radio show is great!) and on Saturday JP Enfant has invited his friend Lennart Wiehe (the artist formerly known as Ravechild) and Barker to play live. The fact he made this year's freshest techno release without using one kickdrum promises a lot for his live set, I feel.

Joy Orbison returns on Friday November 16th for a set with Cinnaman, playing side by side after Shannen SP from the Hyperdub crew. Following on Sunday we'll host a small but very special concert by Kate NV (here in conversation with Subbacultcha). When we started talking about it, we didn't expect it to happen, but now it looks like she will come on a 15:3 soundsystem (!) provided by STEIM. Another concert we didn't expect to happen, will take place the same week: on Thursday The Field will present his new album Infinite Moment in Het Muzieklokaal. More info soon.

From the end of October we'll have a new exhibition that will be on throughout November. Rogier van der Zwaag will present his videos through multiple spaces in the building, while Children of the Light will take over the hallway later in the month. And on the first Saturday of the month it's Dasha Rush and Cio d'Or. While Friday might finally be the right moment for David Vunk, along Vic Crezée.

Tickets for November go on sale Wednesday October 10th.
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