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11.10.2018 | Words by: Emma van Meyeren

There aren’t many examples that speak as much to kinship and love as the blurring boundaries of a good b2b. When it’s unclear who brought in what track, both humans behind the decks merge into their craft as well as each other. That’s the only way to describe the energy of Eris Drew’s The Lot Radio show with her partner Octo Octa. A love that’s radically Queer, Trans-feminine and Polyamorous. A love now also manifested on their collaborative EP titled Devotion, coming out soon on Violet’s label Naive.

Eris Drew recently did two excellent interviews with Mixmag and Is Burning, where she talks about her journey as a DJ. Those interviews cover her story: from growing up in Chicago, becoming a resident at Smartbar and playing all the Midwest mixtape cuts. She also shares the connections of that musical journey to her personal journey. About the boundary-dissolving quality of trans folk in electronic music (“we are the LSD of society”) and the transformative and healing powers of DJing (“I’m a trance ecstatic, I control the ritual via my music”).

But there was one line, short and in-between other heartbreaking and transformative experiences, that really struck me. In the story of her coming-out as Trans at the age of 39 she says: “I’m not saying that I was brave, and I hurt people in the process.” That line reads as a confession as much as a truly radical way of relating to a cruel world through love. A love grounded in responsibility and self-awareness. It shows a profound insight into one’s position in the network of relations that highlights the tensions between a world filled with injustices and a personal healing process. The tensions between learning to love and facing discrimination.

So instead of asking Eris to go over her story again - really: read the previous interviews, they’re well worth your time. Here’s five themes from the bible of love (bell hooks - all about love: new visions) accompanied by tracks picked by Eris Drew.

1. Justice
Bassbin Twins - One Step in Front of the Other

““Selecta! One step in front of the other, freedom marches in.” Whenever I play this track I do what it says, a little march of freedom for the dance floor. The lyrics, the groove, it is about inevitability because the inertia of change IS towards freedom. We can believe that idea in our hearts and express it with our bodies. We can show them we are free.”

2. Community
Disk - The Spirit

“I own three copies of this record and I’ll play it until nothing is left but a pile of dust. I wrote on my third copy “to bring us together” because I have found few records which so powerfully bring the dance floor into a communal state of mind. This track is amazing to experience with others.”

3. Spirituality
OHM - Tribal Tone (Mo’ Better Grooves Mix)

““There is something about the music...YOU can use it, just keep moving’, just keep groovin’!” Techno and house contain an ancient technology we can harness to grow stronger, to find each other, and to engage with a mysterious Otherness. I believe the music is the logos of a goddess, and we have the power to access it and use it to create healing magical art for our communities.”

4. Clarity
808 State - Plan 9 (LP version)

“Plan 9 is 808 State at their most radiant. The orchestration is crystalline and the resulting track has the clarity of an ocean on a still clear day. We must be open and willing to seek inspiration from beauty for a track like this to fully resonate.”

5. Romance
Juliet Roberts - So Good (Booker Delirious Dub)

““Feel it! Love’s got me high, high higher!” This is one of the most powerful garage dubs I know. It has the weight of a tectonic plate driving itself through your heart. If ever there was a battle song about love, this is it. It makes me feel like my love could conquer any hate directed towards me. I listen to it as loud as I possibly can. Well past any level possibly appropriate. So I can feel the triumph pierce through me while it melts my fear.”

Eris Drew plays the Sunday of Het Weekend 19.10 – 22.10  from 14:00  until 17:00.
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