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10.02.2017 | Words by: Mathis Neuhaus.

What defines and creates suspense? Not knowing everything about a certain situation, but longing to learn everything about it, one could say. It is induced by sparing out and to be actively creating suspense means to create dependence. In cinema, the possibilities to do so, to have the viewer on the hook, are broad: music, light or, in case of the new One Minutes Series of February, which is called Promise of Suspense, zooms can raise the tension or, consequently, release it. 

From the vast The One Minutes Collection, guest curators Superposition from Arnhem exclusively selected videos that feature a camera zoom. In each video, the zoom is used for different reasons. In some cases, the filmmaker wishes to get closer to the object that is being filmed, in others the zoom is used so as to disguise the presence of the camera handler. 

While following a zoom, a new picture slowly reveals itself. Proceedings from the background suddenly become a main attraction, things that have been vague become clear. The zoom is suspension manifested as a stylistic device. It spares out, puts focus on something, sucks the viewer in and spits him out: with new knowledge, under different circumstances and ready to be sucked in again.  

The video works of The One Minutes can be visited during club nights in our duo toilet.
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