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20.01.2017 | Words by: Tammo Hesselink.

We are seeing growing interest in the West Coast sound of Holland for quite some years now. A scene which has been around for nearly forever had been doing its own thing and never compromised. The music was a mix of eighties synthesizer heavy disco, early Chicago house and mind melting acid. The scene had seen some attention in the early 2000s when the electroclash scene made a more digestible version of the more electroish side of the west coast. Legowelt's Disco Rout, which sounded as Legowelt as any record he has released, but became a big hit in the hands of DJ Gigolo records. After this short-lived scene the West Coast freaks kept on doing their own thing until the 2010s where many of the deejays have become fan favourites. I-F's Abba singalong sessions have become many ravers' favourite festival moments, newcomer Gesloten Cirkel became one of the most important hit suppliers and Creme Organization has silently been one of the most solid labels of this decade so far. One DJ who still seems to get forgotten is Intergalactic Gary.

His interest in electronic music and playing records started when going out early 1980s and hearing the mostly electronic disco sounds coming from the United States and Italy. Calling Dutch disco legend Peter Slaghuis a major inspiration in the early days might seem curious considering his perfect smoothly built sets. Slaghuis' was famous for his megamixes of Italo Disco, where he would mix around one track a minute on fifteen minute long sides of a record. The first of these came out in 1980, and although Scheffer's style of deejaying seems delicate and slowly built, it is not hard to imagine these quick paced mixes filled with energy leaving a major impression on a teenager in the early 1980s.
Like his coastal peers, he plays a lot of music that has been high up vinyl fetishists all-time classics lists, but might just as well play a Cómeme record which could have the same fetishists question a deejay's credibility. Where I-F's sets can be high-paced and full of contrasts, in Gary's every new track seems to be tailor-made to fit the one that came before. His outspoken preference for long mixes blending together well-matching records is something refreshing in the at times chaotic west coast sound.

Next to deejaying, Scheffer has also put his hand to a couple of releases. He released a handful of record with Italo group The Parallax Connection with I-F and in the same formation formed the one off group The Conservatives which hit record Loneliness got reissued last year.  A couple of months ago his first record under the Intergalactic Gary moniker came out, a collaboration with Greek producer Pasiphae entitled Made Of Glass on Rotterdam's Bio Rhythm. Next to this, 2016 also saw him play for quite possibly his largest crowd yet at Sónar.

West Coast's elusive man Intergalactic Gary is playing De School the 20th of January next to Volition Immanent and Interstellar Funk.
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