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10.01.2017 | Words by: Mathis Neuhaus.

It has often been said that art possesses the quality to change the world. There is, of course, a fair share of hope and optimism stirred into this phrase, but current times could need more of both. 2016 lays behind us and for every positive thing that happened throughout the year one could be sure of a reliable stream of counterbalanced bad news – it just didn’t stop until the very end. No need to get into all that again though. Acknowledging it is important, but what’s more urgent is the question: where do we go from here?

The new The One Minutes series that is going to be shown in Café DS in January does exactly that and tries to examine our role and room for maneuver in this question. ECO VS EGO – Healing Videos, curated by Pinar&Viola, consists of nineteen one-minute films that think differently about our impact on the world we are living in. Mankind is inseparable from the videos that are shown: for example, in a plea for saving the bees, which only need to be saved, because they are threatened by the Anthropocene. Or a collage of the human body, constructed from highways, housing estates and barrages. A reminder of the mark we are going to leave on this planet. 

No one can know what 2017 is going to bring. Will it get worse? Will it get better? Are these even the right questions? Maybe, the right questions are: will we make it worse? Or will we make it better?

The video works of The One Minutes can be visited every day during the opening hours of Café DS. 

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