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07.05.2016 | On Friday May 20th we will open a new photo exhibition in collaboration with Fotolab Kiekie. In the hallway behind Restaurant DS and the wardrobe of the club, you can now feast your eyes on the photo series Spatial arrangements by Sander Meisner. 

Sander Meisner (1979) searches for photographs in the lesser defined areas of cities to explore and investigate these areas and the buildings in them. His work is highly dependent on the geometrical and spatial compositions he creates by viewing the artificial light in the urban infrastructure as 2D shapes. In this way he manages to create (semi-) abstract compositions in recognizable objects and buildings. In total abstraction there is no reference left to anything recognizable, but he manages to find a balance in which the viewer can look at a concrete subject, but can also let the eye wonder away from the object and become exalted by what remains: shape and color.

Spatial arrangements is an ongoing photographic interpretation of empty spaces and objects, which unintentionally become sculptures within our cities. The clean geometric forms of these unobserved spaces seem without personality, but when the abstract geometry of a wall of bricks, an industrial wasteland or an empty cinema are absent of the expected human activity, they become estranged from their purpose, and when photographed, are transformed into vibrant and pristine compositions of abstract and geometric shapes.

Meisner's work has been included in various domestic and foreign collections. He has also published a book on his Botanica series at the Britsh publishing company The Velvet Cell and is represented by the Rutger Brandt Gallery in Amsterdam.

We'll be celebrating the opening of Meisner's photo exhibition on Friday May 20th from 19:00 to 21:00. Come round for a drink and the chance to see the photo series in its full glory!
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