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Sun 18.11
presale € 12 / door € 12 / doors open 19.30
Wed 21.11
presale € 7,50 / door € 7,50 / doors open 20.15
Thu 22.11
presale € 12 / door € 12 / doors open 21.00
Fri 23.11
presale € 16 / door € 10 / 16 / doors open 23.00
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16.11.2018 Concert | "The main idea is not like that the sound is happening all the time and everywhere. It’s not like you sit in the center of the music and everything is constantly coming at you, but it feels like you are part of the music because it happens around you. It surrounds you and it’s constantly moving around you; the sound appears and then disappears again."
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15.11.2018 Club | "December is a month of traditions, but traditions are also meant to be broken."
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BEA1991 talks about her upcoming performance, her approach to a DJ set as an art project, paradoxical sounds in harmony, actually connecting with the public and feeling over-inspired by everything.
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10.11.2018 Club | Ahead of his set, we took a moment to talk to Parrish Smith about his soundscape for a project that felt very personal and playing with different moods and emotions in his sets and productions.
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26.10.2018 Gallery | "For the 60 Hour book, everything has to happen in the 60 hours and also come from De School: all the conversations about the book, thinking about how the ideas are going to be turned into a spread or a page, decide how it’s placed, printed, sorted, bound and finally glued.”
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20.10.2018 Concert | Tonight, PAN-affiliate SKY H1 plays our only concert during this ADE weekend. This is a collaborative performance with artists Gosse de Kort en Nieke Koek, whose installation is on show in De Aula until Monday morning.
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18.10.2018 Concert | Subbacultcha invited How To Dress Well to perform at s105 tonight. Mathys Rennela looks into the sound transition of the one-man recording project of experimental musician, composer and vocalist Tom Krell.
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16.10.2018 Club | "We need to listen to what’s happening; if he makes a drum groove, I compliment it with a baseline, if it’s not there yet. Maybe he’s already making the bassline, but if I’m quicker I just put it in."
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15.10.2018 Gallery | For Het Weekend 19.10 – 22.10 Children of the Light has invited six artists that will be taking over different spaces in De School with four different works. Mathis Neuhaus talked to two of these artists, Nieke Koek and Gosse de Kort, about collaborations for the sensorium.
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