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Exhibition Cinema EROTICA HET VOORSPEL BY EYE 12.05 - 31.05
De School’s immersive art night Tijdgenoten - a night full of music, performances, film and art - will return for a third edition on May 11th. For this next edition of Tijdgenoten, De School is collaborating with EYE Filmmuseum. Subbacultcha and Muziekgebouw will take on the role of music curator on this night by inviting Kelly Lee Owens and Blanck Mass to perform in Het Muzieklokaal.  

Preceding the Cinema Erotica program in EYE in June, De School and EYE collaborate in presenting an exposition in De School in the month of May entitled Cinema Erotica – The Foreplay. For this exhibition EYE programmers have chosen their favorite erotic movie clips from the rich collection of the film museum: from a late nineteenth century cinematic kiss, to contemporary sex scenes.

In collaboration with Subbacultcha and Muziekgebouw, we'll be bringing two international acts to Het Muzieklokaal during Tijdgenoten: Kelly Lee Owens and Blanck Mass. With both, Blanck Mass's World Eater as well as Kelly Lee Owens' self titled debut freshly out, we're thrilled to welcome you to a late night where London meets Amsterdam. Local DJ's Job Sifre and Mata Hari will play records before, in between and after the live shows. Cinema Erotica – The Foreplay can be visited after the opening for free until May 31st from Tuesday to Friday between 17:00 and 22:00 and during regular club nights in the weekend. The film programme Cinema Erotica is presented in EYE from 1 to June 18, 2017.

EYE Filmmuseum is curating her own Cinema Erotica expo from June 1 until 19 with a program combining erotic films with performance, music, virtual reality and lectures.

EYE Programmers: Ronald Simons and Anna Abrahams
Opening: May 11th 2017 starting at 20:00
Dates: May 12th until May 31th 2017 - Tuesday to Friday between 17:00 and 22:00 and during regular club nights in the weekend
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